iPhone Fold: there are still years left for Apple’s fold

iPhone Fold: mancano ancora anni per il pieghevole di Apple thumbnail

Every year, Apple continues to raise the quality bar of its smartphones. But the revolution expected by many tech fans is not yet in sight: iPhone Fold, the first folding smartphone of the house of Cupertino. And according to Bloomberg’s latest analysis, the breakthrough in flexible screens is not yet in sight for the next few years.

iPhone Fold: Cupertino folding still far away

According to the Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, there are still years before we can see the Apple on a smartphone that folds. In fact, iPhone Fold could even be two or three years away. Apple does not currently see a viable market for this kind of product. This although we have a prototype developed and ready for the final design phase.

It even appears that Apple can completely discard this form factor, which he does not think can get to involve a sufficient number of people. In short, Apple first wants to assess whether rivals like Samsung will be successful and only then, with the folding market already underway and vibrant, launch its own alternative.

Credit: Mac Rumors

According to the analysis of Ming-Chi Kuo, which usually “gets it right” with Apple products, iPhone Fold could be very popular. Not as much as the current models. But according to the analyst it could go as far as selling up to 20 million leaflets in 2023 if it launched a viable alternative on the market.

In recent months, the attention on a possible foldable iPhone has increased. It seems that the prototype developed by Apple could have a screen from 8 inch QHD + OLED, a stylus. In short, it would be a direct competitor of Samung’s Galaxy Fold and it would cost $ 1,499. But this project could be shelved for a few more years.

Apple fans who would like a leaflet will have to wait a little longer. But in the meantime there are many android products in this format to try, if you are curious. Or you can play it safe and wait for the next one iPhone 13. But don’t try to fold it.

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