IPhone now supports the Dvorak keyboard

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Tired of QWERTY? No problem! With iOS 16 the iPhone natively supports the layout of the keyboard Dvorak. An incredible novelty, given that until now, users had to install a third-party app to use the tool. So let’s go find out something more.

Dvorak keyboard: iPhone supports layout with iOS 16

The Dvorak keyboard uses a different key layout than the standard QWERTY layout, with the goal of improve typing speed and the ergonomic comfort. In conclusion, August Dvorak e William Dealey invented the layout in 1936, after studying the shortcomings of the QWERTY keyboard, which by then was already 60 years old. Apple and Dvorak have an interesting history. In fact, the Cupertino-based company included native Dvorak support for its computers for the first time in the US model of theApple IIcreleased in 1984. And the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniakhas always been a fan of this layout – a sort of “Dvorak addicted”, to be honest -.

Therefore, the arrival of the Dvorak keyboard support on the iPhone is not surprising at all. Indeed, it seems the normal continuation of an idyllic relationship that began years ago. But how do you go about using the layout? First, make sure you have andfollowed the update to iOS 16 or later. Then open the “Settings” and follow the path “General”> “Keyboard”> “Keyboards”, choose the reference language and then select the “Dvorak” option from the list. This way you’ll make sure you see a different layout as soon as you need to use the keyboard, with a leading line saying “AOEUIDHTNS”.

At this point, it’s worth noting that Dvorak’s purported speed improvements stem from theusing 10 fingers to write. So, if you are still at the stage where you are learning to use the new layout, you may not see any improvement over two-finger typing. But it is only a matter of time.