MOUNTAIN: lancia i controller DisplayPad e MacroPad

MOUNTAIN: lancia i controller DisplayPad e MacroPad

MOUNTAIN launches controllers for streaming and content creation DisplayPad and MacroPad, the innovative series of high-end software-enabled keyboards for ambitious gamers and creators

MOUNTAINcreator of innovative, premium peripherals with a user-centric design to enable gamers and content creators to give their best, expands its ecosystem of premium peripherals with the launch of the series Keypad in the form of DisplayPad e MacroPad.

Faithful to the fundamental pillars of MOUNTAIN, DisplayPad and MacroPad, they are packed with innovative functionsguarantee high-level performance, have an elegant and ergonomic design and offer unprecedented customization.

Modularity, flexibility and freedom of choice are at the heart of the design philosophy, which is why DisplayPad and MacroPad have been developed to be used together with the keyboard Everest Max o Core, to create a powerful command center, or by yourself with the included sturdy anti-slip base.

MOUNTAIN: lancia i controller DisplayPad e MacroPad

Four years of development

After 4 years of meticulous software development, after integrating dedicated controls for popular creative software and services such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, DaVinci Resolve, Twitch e OBS Studiothe brand opens a new chapter.

The company takes the next step to maximize the use of the Base Campconstantly evolving, in the form of a high-end controller for streaming and software-enabled content creation for ambitious gamers and creative professionals.

Hardware-wise, both MOUNTAIN Keypads offer a sturdy and stylish aluminum chassis and offer unique features in their segment. DisplayPad outperforms mushy, unresponsive keys with crisp, tactile High-Resolution Display keys. MacroPad is equipped with switches Tactile 55which are not only factory lubricated, but also hot swappable with any other style switch Cherry MX.

MOUNTAIN: lancia i controller DisplayPad e MacroPad

Free customization

DisplayPad, has 12 tactile and freely customizable display keyswith a resolution of 104×104 pixel per key. Using the company’s Base Camp management software, DisplayPad can take full advantage of the aforementioned integration of controls for third-party services and applications.

The function “Folder”Pushes usability beyond the 12 keys of the display, allowing users to create folders of functions and then in fact further levels, creating virtually endless possibilities. A wide range of supported image formats, including GIF animateensures that users do not lose track of the configuration of user-defined functions.

MacroPad, offre 12 freely customizable mechanical keysbased on the popular switches Tactile 55, factory lubricated. The lighting RGB for each key it guarantees perfect integration not only in terms of functionality, but also of style. Being hot swappable, the switches can be swapped for any other a 3 o 5 pin in stile Cherry MX.

MOUNTAIN: lancia i controller DisplayPad e MacroPad

Statements by Tobias Brinkmann and Bram Rongen

Tobias Brinkmannfounder and CEO of MOUNTAIN, says:

MOUNTAIN’s vision is to provide gamers, streamers and content creators with the equipment they need to perform at their best, and the new series of keyboards is proof of that. DisplayPad allows for a whole new level of customization, while MacroPad goes beyond the beaten path of conventional pads by offering hot-swappable mechanical switches.

Bram RongenHead of Product at MOUNTAIN, added:

The Keypad series is a natural expansion of the MOUNTAIN portfolio, which uses and expands the features that Base Camp™ offers users to achieve maximum performance. With nearly unlimited customization options, flexible mounting system, high-quality materials and modular cabling, the Keypad Series expands our portfolio of innovative, high-end solutions.

MOUNTAIN: lancia i controller DisplayPad e MacroPad


DisplayPad e MacroPad, are now available, in stock and ready for immediate shipment on the dedicated website. What do you think of these new controllers for streaming and content creation from MOUNTAIN? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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