iPhone SE (2023) may be based on iPhone X

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Apple is ready to launch a new one iPhone SE in 2022. But he’s already thinking about the next one, the new generation. And it seems that iPhone SE (2023) will inherit the design from iPhone X, therefore without the Touch ID but with a large 5.8-inch screen.

iPhone SE (2023) may have an iPhone X-based design

Apple will unveil a re-release of the iPhone SE next year, but without changing the look of the smartphone much. In fact, the device should have the same design based on the old iPhones: 4.7-inch screen, large frames to accommodate the Touch ID.

Conversely, Apple seems to be already warning its suppliers that in 2023 it will want to make a change of pace, providing indications for a design based on iPhone X. This would allow to bring the Face ID also in the SE line, as well as all the advantages that a full-screen design entails (even with the notch).

As Phone Arena explains, this could be Apple’s way of offering a smaller-screen version of the phone, as well as a cheaper one. In fact, rumors for iPhone 14 want the device of 2022 no longer has the “mini” cut, which the latest smartphones have had. In fact, it seems that Apple, in meeting users who appreciate larger screens, is working on only two cuts: 6.1 inches for iPhone 14 and Pro, display da 6,7 per iPhone 14 Max e Pro Max.

So the apple would like to use there‘iPhone XR as a template to provide a smartphone that is smaller but also cheaper. In fact, combining the SE line with the Mini line.

There is currently no official confirmation: after all, this smartphone is expected to come out in 2023, not with the iPhone 14 line next year. So we will keep you informed of any new news about it.

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