Microsoft: the house of Redmond has renamed Game Pass on PC

Xbox Game Pass on PC from now on will simply be “PC Game Pass”, the house of Redmond made it known at The Game Awards 2021

Microsoft, on the occasion of the The Game Awards 2021, has renamed its subscription service Xbox Game Pass per computer to make the “separate” nature of the subscription service more clearly. The Redmond company has therefore announced a name change for the computer version of the service which will now be simply called “PC Game Pass“, Removing“ Xbox ”from the brand name. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Xbox Game Pass on computer will simply be called “PC Game Pass”: was the new name chosen to make it clearer to the community that it is not necessary to own the console to use the service?

The computer profiles of the Microsoft now they have simply been changed to “PC Game Pass“On social media. The analyst, Piers Holding-Rolls, commented on the news of the name change as follows:

I thought it was a joke, but no. It makes sense to lose the name “Xbox” for computer users but then you still have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which includes PC titles and is available for computer users.

Microsoft’s gaming division has adopted a platform-independent strategy in recent years and is committed to releasing many proprietary games on multiple devices. Differentiate the brand PC Game Pass gives Xbox it could help signal consumers that they don’t necessarily have to buy an Xbox console to use the service.

Microsoft has reportedly decided to discontinue Xbox Live Gold, it is possible that the owner of the platform is planning to incorporate all of its paid subscription features into Game Pass.

Microsoft has also stopped selling subscriptions Xbox Live Gold 12 months, fueling speculation that the long-standing service would be “repackaged” or phased out to coincide with the launch of Xbox Series X during the holiday season.

This was further reinforced by the game’s free-to-play multiplayer mode Halo Infinite. Previously, Xbox Live Gold was required to play multiplayer games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone online, which were free on other platforms.

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