iPhone SE 3 could have the notch, here are the renderings

iPhone SE, il cambio di design arriva nel 2024 thumbnail

iPhone SE 3 will arrive in 2022 and, according to some rumors, could arrive with the notch and with the Face ID. This news contradicts what has been leaked in recent weeks, according to which the design change should not arrive before 2023-2024. However, renders based on this new (but well-known) design have already arrived.

iPhone SE 3 may have a notch

Apple smartphones are always chatted before the release, arousing great interest among technology enthusiasts. The iPhone SEs are no exception, despite theirs design is taken from previous versions of the iPhone to keep costs down.

In fact, many analysts think that iPhone SE 3, which will arrive in 2022 and will have 5G, should still be based on the model of iPhone 8. This means large upper and lower bezels, where you can also find the physical button for the Touch ID. But TenTechReview received a CAD render, developed with David from @xleaks7, which shows a different design.

Credit: TenTechReview

This design calls up iPhone XR directly. According to some, the design change would be scheduled for 2023/2024, for the fourth version of the iPhone SE. But perhaps the Apple may have changed its mind, although the publication provides no further evidence other than the fact that a David source stated that the change will take place this year. But the source also says to not be 100% sure about the arrival of the iPhone SE 3 with the notch. So we invite the reader to take the news with a grain of salt, even if it actually remains a possibility. And it could anticipate the launch of the next iPhone SE.

According to the publication, we expect the model to measure 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm, 8,2 mm with the bump for the camera, which is only one from 12MP. The notch is the largest of the iPhone XR. But the processor would be the A15 Bionic seen in the latest iPhone 13, for level performance.

The smartphone should be announced between March and April, in the first Apple event of the year. We will keep you posted.