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iPhone: the basic version will no longer have the top-of-the-range processor

Starting from iPhone 14coming this September, Apple will no longer use the top of the range processor for version ‘base‘of the iPhone. The decision does not come only because of this year’s supply chain problems: according to rumors, it will be a structural choice.

iPhone, the basic version will no longer have the top-of-the-range processor

The new iPhone 14 Pro will bring many new features to Apple’s smartphones. In fact for the first time we will see one 48MP camera (and perhaps a periscope zoom), plus RAM, a design senza notch. But the next generation will differentiate the iPhone Pro from the basic ones also for the processor: only the Pro and Pro Max versions will receive the negg chip A16.

In fact, more rumors now confirm that the basic version and the Max version, 6.7 inches large but with the same technical specifications as the basic model, they will use A15 chips. The same ones we have seen on the iPhone 13 models.

iPhone 14 design

An advance choice from several authoritative sources. One of these, the analyst MingChi Kuo, goes further and confirms that the decision could prove to be final. In fact, the change would not depend on a choice related to problems in the supply chain. Instead it would be a strategic choice desired by Cupertino.

The goal is to further differentiate the Pro smartphones from the basic versions. If in fact up to 13 the substantial differences concerned especially the camera, from this year the detachment will be felt a lot. Different design (the basic versions could keep the notch), less RAM (4GB instead of 6GB, it seems) and even a one year old chip.

In fact, they would be two models (plus the Max versions) completely different from each other. And that bigger difference should translate into sales. In fact, if the estimates of the iPhone 14 Pro compared to the total were 40-50%, with the new processor the analyst Kuo thinks that the 60% of the iPhones 14 sold would be Pro. Which will increase the average price, and therefore i profits of the Apple.

It is certainly speculation, but from an authoritative source. We will have to wait until September for confirmation. What do you think about it? Is Apple right or do you think users will react badly to the decision? Let us know in the comments.

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