OnePlus could make Nord an independent brand

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2022 is a very busy year for OnePlus, especially considering it has announced a new phone at least every month so far. In particular, it is quite evident that the company wants to expand the North linegiven the recent launches of North CE 2, North CE 2 Lite e North 2T. And this could be the clear signal of a corporate strategy. According to some rumors, in fact, OnePlus could make it North an independent brandor perhaps a sub-brand, just like Oppo did with Realme, Vivo with iQoo and Xiaomi with Poco.

Nord: OnePlus points to the independent brand?

According to some sources, Nord could become an independent brand from OnePlus. A company choice that would lead to interesting news, including the cancellation of the name “OnePlus” from the new Nord devices. The choice of blue as the color of the theme. It’s a very strong offline presence, with dedicated showrooms and links to third-party stores. Furthermore, it would appear that the brand’s production will expand from smasrtphones to televisionsto fitness bands, to smartwatch, power banks and other accessories. And in order not to miss anything, the Nord series will have its own interface, which would basically be a skin on OxygenOS.

But these would not seem to be the only innovations of the new North brand of OnePlus. Apparently, the brand will offer both economic and high-end products on the market, in order to conquer the largest number of users possible. Although it looks like it will completely avoid competing with OnePlus phones and TVs. Beyond this, rumors are reporting that Nord will have its principal manufacturing center in India – which, not surprisingly, was the reference market for the launch of smartphones in 2022 -. In short, the independent amrchio project is incredibly interesting, but remember that these are mere indiscretions. We therefore await a confirmation from OnePlus, although it seems clear that the plans are going in this direction.

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