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iPhone, the “Recharge with Clean Energy” function will arrive

iOS 16 comes on iPhone from all over the world and, with the official announcement, an unexpected novelty arrives: the “Recharge with clean energy“. A feature that Apple promises for the near future, by the end of the year (even if only in the US, at least at the beginning). But at the moment it is not clear how it works.

iPhone and the “Recharge with Clean Energy” function

In the official announcement on the American version of the Apple website, we read of this upcoming news. “Recharge with Clean Energy aims at decrease the iPhone’s environmental footprint by optimizing charging times for when the network is using clean energy resources ”.

Which is not exactly a technical and accurate description of the process. Based on this information, some experts in the United States have speculated that it can be used to speed up charging at times of the day when power grids are less stressed, so when there is more opportunity to tap into clean resources.

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It is currently unclear how Apple calculates these moments, if using public data of power companies or by making one media. Instead in the footnotes of the full-bodied article of the Apple we read that this option will be available only in the United States.

This optimization option will be added to those already seen as the “Optimized charging“, Which reduces stress on the battery and extends its life, as well as the ability to manage charging based on when you wake up if charged at night.

But given the call for clean energy, it would be interesting if Apple provided a report on how much energy it has saved. Although calculating it will be difficult.

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