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What turns off the Energy Saver introduced by watchOS 9?

What turns off the Energy Saver introduced by watchOS 9?  Here's what we know thumbnail

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Officially released less than 24 hours ago, watchOS 9 di Apple has introduced several features on smartwatches that have the iconic bitten apple as their logo, including the Energy saving. Not a small feature, as it allows you to further optimize the already powerful battery of the Apple wearables. But how exactly does it work? Which features does it intervene on?

To give us an answer on this is an official document from Apple, which explains in detail how our device changes when we activate Energy Saving.

watchOS 9 introduces Energy Saving: here’s what it turns off

According to the official document, the Energy Saving works in three different ways on the functionality of the device. Some of these are in fact deactivated, others are kept active (although with a decrease in performance) while those connected to the iPhone, if the smartphone is too far from the Apple Watch, are deactivated. In particular:

Energy Saving automatically disables the following functions:

  • Always on Display
  • Automatic training start alert
  • Measurement of blood oxygenation in the background
  • Heart rate measurement in the background
  • Notifications for irregular heartbeat, high / too low heart rate

Features kept active (but with limited performance):

  • Calls (will take longer)
  • Background app update
  • Complications update (less frequently)
  • Siri (voice assistant will be slower)
  • Animations and scrolling (they will be less fluid)

Features disabled if iPhone is away from device

  • Automatic switch to Wi-Fi network
  • Receiving calls and notifications

watchOS 9 sleep monitoring

When is Energy Saving activated? And how to deactivate it?

The new operating system watchOS 9 will prompt the user to switch to Energy Saver mode when the device reaches 10% remaining battery. The transition will be manual, so the user will have to decide whether to follow the suggestion or ignore it. If you decide to activate the feature, it will come automatically disabled once 80% charge is reached. Also in this case the user can decide to reactivate Energy Saving even when the battery is charged.

To activate or deactivate Energy Saving, simply access the Battery Options from the Control Center. The feature does not affect the tracking of your workouts and the detection of falls.

You can find out more about the new features of watchOS 9 by reading our dedicated article.

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