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iPhone without charger: Apple must compensate a user

Paris, France – Sep 27, 2019: Close-up image of elegant young woman holding latest Apple Computers iPhone 11 Pro with triple-camera using smartphone in business living room sofa

In Brazil, a judge sentenced Apple to pay compensation to a customer for the absence of a charger in the packaging of its iPhones. The company, we recall, has eliminated the charger from its iPhones starting from the iPhone 12, justifying the choice as a useful practice to combat climate change and reduce emissions from production factories.

Apple sentenced to compensate a customer for not putting the charger in the box with an iPhone

The Cupertino house, due to the decision of the Brazilian court, will have to donate compensation of approximately € 1,000 to his client. The sanction comes due to a violation of the Brazilian consumer code which prevents separation between smartphone and charger. Apple shouldn’t appeal this decision.

For now, nothing changes

This sentence could follow further claims for compensation by Brazilian users who bought an iPhone without a charger in the box. For the moment, anyway, Apple doesn’t seem willing to change its policies. The company will not change commercial strategies and will continue to offer its iPhones without the charger included in the package (but to be purchased separately).

The departure of new claims for compensation and real class actions, in the near future, could change the cards on the table. We will see what the choices of the Cupertino house will be.

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