iRobot: presented the new Roomba j9+ and Roomba Combo j9+

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The iRobot company presents two of its most advanced and powerful models of floor cleaning robots, Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba j9+, which successfully address the challenges found in competing robots

Both devices feature iRobot OS 7.0 and Dirt Detective technology, providing exceptional cleaning power and intelligence. The Roomba Combo j9+ offers a vacuuming and mopping option, with exceptional autonomy thanks to the Clean Base with automatic filling. There is also a “suction only” version of the Roomba j9+, which excels at collecting dirt and dust.

iRobot developed a comprehensive testing methodology in 2023, highlighting common challenges faced by competing robots in the real world; such as dealing with dirty carpets, inability to avoid obstacles and hardware deficiencies, as well as lack of learning from previous cleanings and software updates. Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba j9+ are designed to overcome these problems. This is thanks to well-designed hardware and intelligent software, offering a superior cleaning experience.

iRobot: presented the new Roomba j9+ and Roomba Combo j9+

Details on the new iRobot Roomba j9+ and Roomba Combo j9+

iRobot OS 7.0, with Dirt Detective and SmartScrub digital technologies, personalizes the cleaning experience based on customer habits and needs; providing direct control via the iRobot Home app. Dirt Detective helps robots locate the dirtiest areas of the house and plan cleaning intelligently; while SmartScrub offers more intensive cleaning for problem areas.

Roomba Combo j9+ uses the DRI system (Dry Rug Intelligence). This is to keep carpets dry during washing, lifting the cloth when it detects carpets, avoiding wetting them. Roomba j9+, on the other hand, is designed for larger homes and with pets, offering powerful suction and a long-lasting battery. Both models use Dirt Detective to automate room cleaning based on history and needs; ensuring that the dirtiest rooms are treated with priority.

The company emphasizes its commitment to the security and privacy of customer data, using high standards of encryption and ensuring that data is only used to improve user experience. iRobot OS 7.0 updates are available now to customers worldwide.

Statements regarding the new iRobot Roomba j9+ and Roomba Combo j9+

iRobot knows that customers need to trust a robot to deliver on the promise of automated cleaning. If a robot continually freezes, loses its position, soils carpets with wet cloths and so on, customer trust is lost,

said the president and CEO of iRobot Colin Angle, which continues:

The new Roomba Combo j9+ and Roomba j9+ overcome the problems of competing products thanks to their superior technology, the advanced iRobot OS operating system and the satisfying digital experience they guarantee. These two new products have been designed to assure customers that the robot will always complete cleaning correctly.

He then added at the end:

Since we introduced the iRobot OS, we have continued to bring new cleaning features and experiences to customers, giving them the ability to intelligently and effortlessly clean the way they want. With Dirt Detective technology, iRobot distinguishes its products from the competition by introducing a unique cleaning experience. Dirt Detective lets our most powerful and intelligent robots know where the dirtiest areas of your home are and what is the best way to clean them. This level of intelligence allows customers to completely forget about scheduling cleanings, knowing that the robot will clean just like they would.

iRobot: presented the new Roomba j9+ and Roomba Combo j9+

Availability and prices

Roomba Combo j9+ will be available from the end of October at the suggested price of €1,399.00while Roomba j9+ will be available from the end of November at the price of €999.00.

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