Iron Harvest 1920+: a ottobre su PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series S/X

Iron Harvest 1920+: a ottobre su PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series S/X thumbnail

To celebrate the first anniversary of Iron Harvest 1920+, KING Art Games is pleased to announce that the Iron Harvest Complete Edition will be released on October 26 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X.

This new version of the acclaimed “Iron Harvest” RTS contains the previously released “Rusviet Revolution” DLC and the “Operation Eagle” addon and will be accompanied by a new update that brings a new multiplayer map, a new buildable defensive structure, life improvements and lots of tweaks and adjustments to the beloved team-based RTS.

Iron Harvest 1920+: in arrivo una soundtrack

In addition to the game content, KING Art Games is also preparing the release of a new extended Iron Harvest soundtrack with 70 minutes of extra music from the main game and the “Operation Eagle” addon available on Spotify, YouTube and other music platforms for this anniversary month.

With airships dominating the skies and giant punk diesel mechs trampling the ground, players around the world have created a competitive yet friendly community that has not only contributed valuable feedback, but has also competed to become the best Mech commander the world of 1920+ has ever seen. Long before Kickstarter’s success in 2018, the IH community influenced the formula which ultimately culminates in a full edition.

Iron Harvest 1920+: the trailer

The new trailer retraces what has been accomplished and offers a glimpse into what the new complete edition has to offer. KING Art Games also shares a first taste of the new “Worldmap” game mode coming soon.

What’s in the Iron Harvest Complete Edition and where will it be available?

L’Iron Harvest Complete Edition include:

  • 4 Factions with 4 unique campaigns
  • 12 playable heroes
  • 18 multiplayer maps
  • Over 30 missions
  • Coop
  • The complete PC experience optimized for consoles

The Iron Harvest Complete Edition will be released in version fphysical and digital on October 26th on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X.

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