Is Call of Duty saying goodbye to the annual release?

According to some rumors, following the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, Call of Duty could say goodbye to the usual annual release

It would be foolish to deny how the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft has upset, for better or for worse, the world videogame landscape, leading the press and audience to imagine the various scenarios that the deal can bring as a dowry. Among these, what will be the future of the various teams and brands involved in the merger, with Call of Duty which has recently found itself at the center of numerous rumors, according to which the series could say goodbye to the usual annual release, in favor of a more extended appointment over time.

Call of Duty: the annual release may soon disappear

Throwing the stone was the usual thought Jason Schreier Bloomberg, who confirmed that he had spoken to a couple of people aware of the facts, according to which the upper echelons would have thought of abandoning the brand’s annual cadence. Although the decision has not yet been officially made, Schreier argues that the possible scenario would be welcomed by most programmers, confident that the slowdown in the development process could lead to a greater public favor, resulting in an improvement in the franchise itself. The journalist also added that, since an episode is already planned for this 2022, the change of course should not occur before next year, or beyond.

The acquisition by Microsoft, however, it did not lead to internal enthusiasm due only to the possible abandonment ofannual release for Call of Duty, or for the greater creative freedom that the Redmond giant should be able to guarantee to the various teams involved. Part of the workforce, in fact, would also be concerned about what might be gods internal layoffs, but only time will tell us if these fears will eventually find their nefarious realization.

As for the shooter’s 2022 episode, rumors claim this will be some sort of sequel to the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot, with a campaign that should be set in Latin America. An episode that, despite the acquisition, will not miss the appointment with the PlayStation console, as confirmed by Phil Spencer himself.

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