Is the era of the Xbox One officially over?

Microsoft non rilascerà più giochi per Xbox One? thumbnail

As you have surely noticed, during the last Xbox Games Showcase Microsoft hasn’t talked about games for Xbox One. Or rather, the only games presented that will arrive for the “old” console will be only the two Persona titles: the new Persona 5 and the remake of Persona 3 (Persona 3: Reload). Definitely not much, but it’s a choice that doesn’t surprise and shouldn’t surprise.

Microsoft focuses on the exclusivity of the new gen, no more Xbox One

The big X is therefore betting everything on the new generation, with games designed exclusively for Xbox Series X | S. A perspective confirmed by the same Matt Bootyhead of Xbox Game Studio.

In recent years both Microsoft and Sony, with Xbox and PlayStation respectively, have continued to publish titles for their older generation consoles. However, Microsoft now seems ready to leave Xbox One behind. According to Booty, in fact, there are no internal teams of Xbox Game Studios working on games for the older generation.

However Booty claimed that support on older proprietary games will continue. An example above all is definitely Minecraft, which according to Booty will continue to receive updates on Xbox One as well.

Xbox One turned 10 years old a few weeks ago, although the launch of Xbox One S in 2016 refreshed the console’s design and hardware a bit. The launch of the Series X|S, the new generation, instead took place in 2020. Perhaps the time has really come to devote ourselves entirely to the new-gen.

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