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Is Ubisoft+ Coming to Xbox Consoles?

We have known for over a year that Microsoft reached an agreement with Ubisoft to bring the subscription service Ubisoft+ publisher’s on consoles Xbox. But where is it?

Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox consoles?

Ubisoft+ It is similar to EA Play e Xbox Game Passas it offers a content library at a relatively low monthly cost. For $15 a monthyou get access to over one hundred Ubisoft titles on PC, as well as a selection of games that can be accessed via the cloud.

Some users have noticed a few operating system details Of Xbox which prompted them to think that Ubisoft’s service may be closer than expected.

Recently, the operating system of Xbox has been updated with an iconography that supports Ubisoft+ games. Typically, games on Xbox often indicate some of their features with white icons on a transparent gradient, in the lower left corner of the thumbnails. The games that you own thanks to the inclusion of the Game Pass subscription, for example, appear with the wording GAME PASS inside a white box located in the lower left corner. If they’re optimized for Xbox Series X|S consoles, however, they have the X|S iconography.

The Ubisoft+ icons they were added to the Xbox operating system about a month ago. Some users believe that the service is therefore about to arrive on Xbox consoles.

One particular user recently noticed that a number of Ubisoft games have been tagged with “Ubisoft+”, effectively giving us an idea of ​​the first batch of titles coming to consoles. Among them we find numerous Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Tom Clancy’s and many others.

At the moment, however, neither of the two companies has confirmed or denied the information above. So we just have to wait official confirmations and cross your fingers.

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