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Is Wi-Fi Calling worth it? The point of

Wi-Fi Calling promises to guarantee perfect reception throughout the home, even in areas with poor coverage – but is it worth it? At the moment, this innovative service comes to some operators who offer it to their customers for free. But you have to find the right offer that includes it.

Is Wi-Fi Calling worth it? The survey by

With Wi-Fi Calling you can make and receive calls using the fixed Wi-Fi network of the same provider, without the need for apps, configurations or extra costs. The service, also known as Voice Over Wi-Fi (VO WiFi)is available with WINDTRE, TEAM (who calls it ViFi Voice) e Very Mobile (which uses the WINDTRE landline).

Wi-Fi Calling proves especially handy to have quality calls even in environments where the mobile signal is weak or absent, such as buildings with thick walls or underground. It also allows you to make emergency calls in poor coverage areas. The cost of the calls follows the customer’s tariff plan. The offers that include Wi-Fi Calling have a price that varies between 32.98 euros and 39.90 euros according to the Observatory.


Wi-Fi Calling is only available for those who choose the same operator for fixed and mobile and offers the advantage of solving mobile network coverage problems at home. However, Wi-Fi Calling also comes with additional costs, which can be avoided choosing the cheapest tariffs for landline and mobile separately.

This option saves you money up to 10 euros per month, unless you need unlimited Giga for the SIM, in which case the difference in spending between the offers with and without Wi-Fi Calling is minimal. To find the best offer, you can compare between mobile phone offers e Internet home by

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