MIR, a fair to discover how the world of live events is changing

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The world of music is perhaps one of those that the more he transformed in the last few years. Beyond the obvious impact of the pandemic, technological transformations that began well before 2020 have profoundly changed this sector. The aspect related to live it has become increasingly important and the instrumentation from this point of view has evolved extraordinarily from every point of view. To realize how much this process is increasingly relevant, we visited Music Inside Rimini 2023the Italian Exhibition Group event dedicated precisely to these realities.

Music Inside Rimini 2023, three days of business and training in a sector that is restarting

It always has a certain effect see the glance of this event, entering its pavilions. In fact, among the stands you can see equipment of all kinds, linked to every aspect of the live music experience. An area that has expanded more and more, going to include extremely varied and equipped technologies multiple applications.

The starting point is the appearance audio, which of course constitutes the nucleus on which a concert is based. We are therefore faced with sound systems, mixers, speakers and instruments of all kinds to ensure that we return the best possible sound to the spectators, with many innovative and very useful solutions. Like those proposed by Arrestwith which it is possible to record a live concert with dynamic saving of the mixer movements, to greatly simplify post-production.

In the Audio/Effects Experience area we fell in love with these bright YesTech displays, with which to create extraordinary effects

But look at Music Inside Rimini it can expand far beyond sound, touching every aspect of a live event. From special effects and pyrotechnics to smoke machines, from plays of light to holograms, via LED walls, displays, laser projections and even an entire stage easily transportable thanks to a telescopic system.

All this is accompanied by a whole series of training meetingsto share experiences, such as those organized by Audio/Effetti Experience in the pavilion dedicated to them and their partners. Not to mention the flagship of Music Inside Rimini 2023: two fully equipped stages in the area Live You Playwhere you can see all the technology in action.

The transformation of a sector and an event

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music inside rimini 2023 interview edition 01At MIR there really was everything for concerts, including confetti-shooting machines!

During the course of Music Inside Rimini 2023 we had the opportunity to speak with the Brand Manager Andrew Rambertito further explore how this fair has transformed over the years, in parallel with the music industry as a whole.

“Let’s start from the assumption that it didn’t take place for two editions and therefore we came out of the dramatic period experienced by the whole world of live entertainment, with a product in hand that had a shattered industry. We took it back last year and fortunately the live sector recovered significantly” Ramberti told us.

And in fact the data fully confirm this restart, also for Music Inside Rimini 2023. Attendance during the fair grew by 12%, a very encouraging figure considering that the comparison is with an edition that took place before the pandemic. Maybe even thanks to innovations in the formulawhich Ramberti told us about:

“Starting from this year, we have begun to insert those technologies dedicated to the audio and video world in general, not just for live performances, into a context that was exclusively dedicated to live entertainment. It is clearly a process, a transition. We are not abandoning the live world, on the contrary we will try to strengthen it more and more, but we are always looking for new sectors to complement the historical ones.

Because it is true that a museum or a university classroom has little to do with a live concert or at least a perceived one. In fact, however, the audio/video technologies are the same. They are not the same in the sense that it is not the same product, but the underlying concept of integration, digitization, use of the software is the same and therefore we are trying to expand to this“.

The digital transformation that blurs the boundaries between sectors

music inside rimini 2023 interview edition 06RIMINI FAIR IEGEXPO – MIR 2023

What you notice in fact, especially in certain corners of Music Inside Rimini 2023, is that the diffusion of technology it has united sectors that apparently seemed very distant from each other. A giant screen, albeit with different characteristics, can be useful both in a concert, in advertising, at school and in a meeting room. And this process of blurring boundaries is well known among professionals.

“The large-scale consumer does not perceive it, but the installer does. We divide and cluster our visitors into two macro areas, the rental and the installer. The first is the concert service that buys and rents the technologies, while the second is the one who takes those same tools on a project basis and installs them. Clearly they are two different worlds, even if many rental companies have become installers and vice versa, but the product is the same.

A simple example: you can have a very high definition LED wall because you need it like this in a university classroom, but perhaps in a concert you need one that is less defined but brighter. It goes without saying that the manufacturer is very often the same. Starting from there, we try to aggregate different audiences who are ultimately interested in the same technology“.

And indeed a Music Inside Rimini 2023 we could see searchlights Epson which reproduced art galleries, interactive whiteboards of Hisensedirecting tools that a Twitch streamer might also need, and so much more.

The evolution of live music is fully experienced at Music Inside Rimini 2023

music inside rimini 2023 interview edition 04RIMINI FAIR IEGEXPO – MIR 2023

Naturally though the focus is always on the audioalso thanks to the wonderful sale immersive where you can try unique experiences that show the potential of technology in this field, and more specifically the real music, experienced in concerts. This is also thanks to the spaces Live You Play to which we mentioned earlier, which for Ramberti are a fundamental part of MIR:

“MIR is the only fair in the world that has two pavilions dedicated precisely to live technologies, but not in an exhibition space but on a concert stage. Therefore we create an immersiveness for the professional visitor, which is not only an immersiveness of the product, but also of the experience. In the same context you are able not only to see that case or that light, but you see it applied exactly as you would use it within your project, your concert, your live event“.

This possibility is key precisely because by virtue of transformation of the music industry we talked about at the beginning, live is becoming more and more relevant. Ramberti continues:

“Fortunately, the live world – and economic data confirm this – has had a frightening rebound effect. We have gone from closures to the many tours that are starting or will start in Italy. There’s a great desire to go back to live music, to experience experiences that the Metaverse, digital, Zoom, TikTok can’t give you.

So yeah, the asset is more and more live and it’s moving more and more to live. In this MIR therefore draws its fruits. The real problem today is not so much the market but the lack of supplies. The true legacy of the pandemic is that companies are late in delivering orders because China has been locked down. The rebound effect is even throwing the supply chain into crisis. It is obvious that fairs like MIR become fundamental in the direct dialogue with the potential buyer“.

Music Inside Rimini, in 2023 there are also several young people

music inside rimini 2023 interview edition 03RIMINI FAIR IEGEXPO – MIR 2023.

What was striking, turning between the pavilions was also there presence of groups of children. Among the many established professionals there were also young talents or enthusiasts. Who to visit and maybe look for career ideas and who to show their skills. A great example are the participants in the spectacular contest for emerging lighting designers. We talked about this with Andrew Rambertibefore saying goodbye:

“Let’s start from the assumption that MIR is a B2B fair, therefore 90% are professional visitors, belonging to the worlds I told you before: service, rental, installers, planners, architects, lighting designers… All those who are behind the world of making an event.

Then it is obvious that we also have some small insights into music, about deejays… Those attract not exactly consumers, but rather young people who would like to approach the profession. MIR is not a fair open to the general public, so much so that you have to profile yourself, register, explain who you are and what you want to find during your visit.

The boy doesn’t come for a walk, because he won’t find anything. However, the one who is passionate about the DJ world comes, has worked or would like to work in the sector and therefore comes to browse”

In short, this edition of Music Inside Rimini 2023 it brought home excellent results and it was interesting to explore it to discover what awaits the sector in the future. The appointment is now for spring 2024, again at the Rimini Fair. For more information, please visit the official website of the event.