IT-Alert, test message in Lombardy, Molise and Basilicata

IT-alert: i test riprendono oggi in tre regioni. Come funziona il sistema di allarme pubblico thumbnail

Il Department of Civil Protection launched the new system national alert IT-Alert, designed to quickly inform the population of imminent or ongoing emergencies. The system is currently going through a experimental phase in various Italian regions and its goal is to improve readiness and response to emergency situations. Today 09/19/23, at noon, IT-Alert will send a message in Lombardy, Molise and Basilicata.

IT-Alert: Lombardy, Molise and Basilicata will receive the test message

The IT-Alert system sends alert messages to all mobile phones connected to a mobile network in case of emergency. These alarm messages will be accompanied by a clearly recognizable sound to attract users’ attention. During the testing phase, IT-Alert messages will be sent to mobile phones in the regions of Lombardy, Molise and Basilicatabut the system will soon be available nationwide.

The first IT-Alert message will contain an invitation to connect to the website and answer a questionnaire. This survey will allow the Civil Protection Department to collect feedback from users in order to improve the service. The invitation to complete the questionnaire will also be addressed to those who will not receive any notification, since in some areas without coverage the message may not be delivered.

A national alert system like IT-Alert is essential for public safety and can help save lives by quickly informing the population in case of emergencies. This new system represents an important step towards the readiness and management of emergency situations in Italy. Testing will continue throughout 2023.

The message is one-way, so you don’t have to reply. This is just a test, so don’t be alarmed. You can find more information on the official IT-Alert website, set up by the Department of Civil Protection.


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