Onyx BOOX Palma, the Mobile ePaper with a 6.13 inch screen

Onyx BOOX Palma, il Mobile ePaper con lo schermo da 6,13 pollici thumbnail

Onyx announced the arrival in Italy of BOOX Palmathe first Mobile ePaper device with a 6.13 inches. It offers a great reading experience on a paper-like display, but it also has all the possibilities of Android con Google Play Store and great portability, similar to a smartphone.

Onyx BOOX Palma, 6.13″ E-Ink screen and the potential of Android

The new 6.13 inch ePaper screen uses touchscreen technology E Ink Carta 1200. This technology offers users an experience of natural reading that closely reproduces the texture of the paper. With a resolution of 300PPI, text appears crisp and clear, improving readability and reducing eye strain. Furthermore, it has adjustable dual-tone front lights ensure effortless reading both day and night. And the e-ink display has no reflections: you can read without problems in the sun.

Technology BOOX Super Refresh and the advance CPU Qualcomm octa-core they offer excellent performance, not only for reading, but also for web browsing and using apps.

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Equipped with the operating system Android 11 he was born in Google Play Store, offers users access to a wide range of applications that can be downloaded directly to the device. From Gmail and WhatsApp, to any other Android app.

Palma offers large storage capacity with 6GB RAM + 128GB ROMfurther expandable via a slot for microSD. It supports 24 popular formats, including EPUB, MOBI, TXT e CBR. And it offers integration with Google Drive, Dropbox e OneDrive. Furthermore, it has an f16MP camera with LED flash, which allows you to easily convert paper documents into digital text.

BOOX Palma arrives on pre-order at the official BOOX store at the list price of €299 and includes a magnetic case free.

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