Vale la pena per un principiante usare le skin in CS:GO

It is worthwhile for a beginner to use skins in CS: GO

Many newbies who have just downloaded Counter Strike: Global Offensive are sure that the presence of expensive in-game items affects their level of play

For many, the iconic Counter Strike franchise is the ultimate pastime. Over the course of its existence, several dozen versions have been released. However, two of them were the most popular: 1.6 and Global Offensive. The latter has become important for players thanks to the presence of skins. These are in fact game objects with which the user can decorate one of the types of weapons. They can be obtained in the following ways:

  • obtained from the system after moving to the next level of Steam. As a rule, 8-10 maps must be played to level up;
  • purchased on the Steam Community Market;
  • purchased on third-party assets created for commerce.

Many users download this game just to have access to various game items. Of course, for new players there is no point in giving up skins, as using them is an additional motivation to show good levels of aim. The sale of CSGO skins is available after basic checks and the first purchase on the internal Steam site. Interestingly, many players use weapon skins not for the game, but specifically for trading. After all, many users have had real success and have made quite a lot of money.

The game object is also a motivating factor. If a person realizes that he has a several hundred dollar weapon in his hands, he will try to give his best. Additionally, a player who has only recently purchased skins is unlikely to stop including CS: GO and try other projects.

Does the presence of skins affect the level of the game?

Many newbies who have just downloaded Counter Strike: Global Offensive are sure that the presence of expensive in-game items affects their level of play. However, this opinion is not true. Even if the player will be the lucky owner of the AWP: Dragon Lore trophy without wear, this will not affect his shot in any way. However, on an intuitive level, the player will try to show his full potential. All of this has to do with psychology. The player intuitively understands that only 1% of his opponents own such expensive game items.

If we’re not talking about weapon skins, but agent models in CS: GO, users have conducted a rather interesting experiment. As it turned out, depending on the appearance of the player, the probability of hitting the head can vary up to 16%. The most reliable for users are expensive agents, which were added in the latest versions of the game. Consequently, if the player wants to gain a certain advantage over his opponents, he has to spend some money on this type of purchase. Confirmations of this information come from the official games. For example, one can recall the Major final where Bosnian G2 player Niko failed to kill Ukrainian sniper s1mple, shooting him in the head three times with Desert Eagle. Of course, the probability of error due to the specifics of the game moments is rather difficult to calculate.

In order for a player to be able to count on good results in Counter Strike, he must train regularly. To date, a large number of goal maps have been created on which each user can hone their skills. It is desirable to practice for 30-40 minutes before starting evaluation games on these maps. Over time, the player will notice that his shooting level and statistical results have improved. You have to be motivated and confident.