Young online entrepreneurs and companies in Dubai

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Dubai is getting stronger and stronger, reorganizing its economic strategies and opening the doors to online and innovative businesses, making it convenient for young entrepreneurs, like Lidia whose story we are about to tell you, to place their trust in Dubai.

The business proposal in Dubai has been further extended in recent times, thanks to the entry into the field of numerous new innovative professionals; these are increasingly in demand and represent an important turning point within commercial markets. Among the most sought after we find:

  • online trainers and consultants;
  • copywriter;
  • influencer e social media manager;
  • dropshipper ed Amazon FBA;
  • designer, esperti in marketing e advertising;
  • online traders and crypto investors;
  • youtuber e podcaster.

Those just listed are only a small part of the new professions most aspired to by young entrepreneurs and most in demand today in the world of work, increasingly tech and digitized, and which are characterizing the new demand in Dubai, the main nucleus in terms of globalization and center. of the largest international businesses.

It is an increasingly strong sector that aims to become even stronger in the future.

Read the article to the end to find out how to bring your innovative business to Dubai.

Young entrepreneurs in Dubai: what are the risks?

Dubai is growing more and more, not only from a structural and demographic point of view, but in the relationship with businesses from all over the world. It has, in fact, kept pace with the growing digitalization of markets, offering more and more opportunities to “new” professions that have emerged in the tech world.

Online consultants, influencers, copywriters and designers, are just some of the new profiles that have appeared in the world of work in recent times, especially in relation to young entrepreneurs with great inventiveness, who can offer constant ideas and fresh news.

However, as the supply grows, the risk increases proportionally. Not all that glitters is gold, especially if there are large sums of money at stake.

In fact, more and more improvised consultants, who to make money and sell their products at all costs, sell deceptive ads and solutions, which leave the customer with nothing but a handful of flies.

The risk, therefore, especially for young entrepreneurs with little experience in the sector, is to be duped by videos and advertisements on YouTube that promise an almost science-fiction reality, which allows you to invest and make easy money without having to lift a finger.

The young entrepreneur thus relies on a fixer, not a true professional, who promises him pure gold, without explaining the reality of the facts and the risks that could really be hiding around the corner. You have to work hard, learn to juggle management and bureaucratic practices, knowing how to elbow if necessary, so as not to be eaten by the giants already present, or who will settle in Dubai.
There have been many cases of cheated entrepreneurs, and the number is, unfortunately, constantly increasing.

Precisely for this reason, it is essential to do your research and carefully choose the consultant to rely on, to start your journey in Dubai. It will not be enough to click on the first ad or select the best offer, as they do not guarantee the realization of your project.

The risks of opening a company in Dubai?

If not started properly, opening a company in Dubai can be very difficult, as well as highly risky. It is therefore very important to seriously evaluate this operation, because once the company incorporation process has begun, it is not possible to go back.
It is not correct to define Dubai as a “paradise for the rich”, or rather it can become one if one operates correctly and respects one’s duties. It is certainly not a reality where everything is due, nor, least of all, you can do what you want. The panorama of Dubai offers a lot, but demands the same, more and more and in a more pedantic way.

But what are the risks of opening a company in Dubai? The main risk in the opening phase is precisely that of not opening your company correctly. The Emirati government is very scrupulous and attentive to all the procedures that make up the opening of companies in Dubai. Do not trust those who insure you, a simple process, without complications or bureaucratic obligations. Of course, it can be a smooth path, if guided by the right professional, which ensures that there are no interruptions of any kind. However, the simplest or cheapest route may not be the best. There are many online offers that promise a functioning and operational company in Dubai, for a few thousand dollars. Very often, or almost always, in fact, these cases deliver an empty box, devoid of substance and with which nothing can be done.

In addition to the significant waste of time and money, the incorrect constitution and structure of your company could lead you to be investigated or, even worse, criminally charged.

In light of this, it is even more important to be very careful and learn to distinguish the serious and prepared consultant from the improvised one. He’ll guide you through the process, and if he doesn’t do it right, he’ll lose not only your project, but you first in terms of time, money and reputation.

Why be a young online entrepreneur in Dubai

It is well known by now that Dubai, driven by favorable policies and initiatives, boasts a very convenient business environment. In fact, Dubai offers the perfect solutions to cultivate and stimulate entrepreneurship and the birth of start-ups, aiming to constantly attract new talents to the region. An intriguing and varied environment such as Dubai can be a great stimulus for a young entrepreneur, who thus has the opportunity to compare his knowledge and experience with numerous entrepreneurs led by similar interests and from all over the world.

A market in particular, with great potential in continuous growth, is that of e-commerce.

By opening this type of company in one of the Free Zones in Dubai, you will be able to concentrate your entire budget on the growth of your business, thanks to the important tax breaks offered and constantly increasing.

The strategic plan introduced by Dubai is to aim for and create a future in which sectors linked to technology and research dominate. The strong desire for innovation and investment in the future goes hand in hand with the desire to become the center and the country of reference in the technological field.

In short, it is a good time to get on board.

Online entrepreneurs in Dubai, the story of Lidia

Lidia is part of that large slice of people who dreamed of moving to Dubai and “finding luck”, of growing their business and making a profit. After a first negative event, she entrusted herself to a professional firm which, thanks to the long experience in Dubai and the qualified preparation, allowed her to carry out her project and to spend the life she dreamed of in Dubai.

Employed in digital design, she has long been looking for a way to transfer her business to the United Arab Emirates and make it grow, coming into contact, thanks to that place, with great professional realities.

After comparing the best possibilities on the Internet for months and contacting dozens of companies that promised to open a company in Dubai, she turned to what seemed to her the most convenient: opening a company in Dubai, for a cost of 4,500. $.

In this way, Lidia started the paperwork and provided the documents requested of her, receiving, however, in exchange information that was always very vague as to the effectiveness of the request to set up her company. When the corporate package was released, she realized why. What she had been given was just an empty box, the name of a company not registered with any body and not connected to any current account. Only at a later time, were additional packages offered to her, at clearly extra costs of a few thousand dollars per file, for her company to become properly functioning.

Dejected and disconsolate, she thought that she could no longer accomplish anything, that she could not start her own company and that she had to abandon the life plan she had designed.

With the damage now done, there was no turning back. As a last resort, she decided to ask for the support of an accredited professional firm, to help her continue her path. The money spent, unfortunately, had vanished: Lidia, in fact, had regularly bought a product and signed a contract, without the “satisfied or refunded” clause.

Thanks to the detailed planning of her company, however, the professionals, in which she has placed full trust, have allowed Lidia to boast a perfectly organized and operational business, registered and connected to the company’s current accounts. Thanks to these solutions studied on her specific case, today Lidia lives permanently in Dubai and is very happy with the choice made.

The advantages of a company in Dubai

For anyone who wants to enhance their business and aim for success, Dubai is certainly the right choice. The Emirate offers very advantageous concessions for opening a company, including:

  • tax benefits;
  • security in opening and maintaining the business, in addition to the total security guaranteed in the territory;
  • guarantee of development and growth;
  • certainty of earnings.

The so-called “pro-business” rules guarantee advantages that bring a real change to the activities of companies in Dubai.

Thanks to the political-legislative solidity, Dubai is a very safe reality, where the entrepreneur and his company are protected. The opening of a company, in fact, requires many controls that do not allow anyone to operate in the territory.

This means that the tax advantages are numerous. A company registered in the Free Zone, in fact, is required to pay 0% tax for its products.

Economic growth strategies are structured in favor of entrepreneurs, not against them. Not surprisingly, it is an increasingly popular destination for building a business and optimizing its profits and bears the title of commercial capital of the Middle East.

Bringing your business here, therefore, is the turning point many entrepreneurs are looking for.

Young online entrepreneurs: how to avoid scams?

Unfortunately, when setting up a company, it takes a moment to fall into the wrong hands, especially if you are young and unfamiliar with the required practices. The best way to avoid being screwed by smart improvised consultants in the sector, is to rely on a professional and accredited company, which offers preparation and transparency.

In the Emirate scene, Daniele Pescara Consultancy is the only reality that proposes and guarantees optimal solutions for the opening of the company in Dubai. Thanks to over ten years of experience in the sector and the services offered, it will be possible to obtain a project designed and structured …