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It Takes Two: film in arrivo per il Game of the Year 2021

It Takes Two has already won the 2021 Game of the Year award, but apparently its parable is not yet over: it has just been officially announced a movie based on the game, made by the studio that dealt with the recent film adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog. Here’s everything we know about the film for the time being.

It Takes Two diventerà un film

It Takes Two has already had the opportunity to prove the goodness of its recreational sector by winning the prize of Game of the Year 2021, a more than deserved victory if we consider that it is an independent project that has been able to give a breath of fresh air to the genre of local cooperatives, also thanks to its enormous variety of gameplay. Here is the director’s comment Josef Fares of the title in this regard:

“Seeing as It Takes Two has a strong narrative with lots of crazy characters and equally crazy co-operative action moments, the potential is huge for a major film or television adaptation.” A statement that we can only share, given that the game tells a story of effective quality and that lends itself very well to being adapted for the big screen, with the right precautions.

Fares, who already has some consolidated experience in the film industry, will collaborate with Dj2, the studio that worked on the adaptation of Sonic, for the production of the film, although at the moment there is no information regarding the actual release date of the film. An element that is not surprising, given that the studio in question is also working on Tomb Raider per Netflix, allo show su Disco Elysium and to the film by Sleeping Dogs.

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