Bungie: Microsoft would have tried the acquisition before Sony

An insider reveals how Microsoft tried to secure a Bungie acquisition a few years ago, well before Sony’s arrival

Perhaps the news of Sony’s acquisition of Bungie it did not create the same havoc given by Microsoft and Activision Blizzard a few weeks ago, but it remains a more than relevant fact for the videogame world. After all, many expected a response from the PlayStation creator, especially after the ingenious Xbox CEO managed to deal a heavy blow to his rival company.

However, while Microsoft’s deal is still being watched closely by the US government, given the size of the company it would acquire, what Sony has done is nothing so unusual. A few months ago Sony also acquired other studios, including Bluepoint, and for sure Bungie will not be the last surprise that this 2022 can offer us. While the rumors about future business continue to chase each other in these hours, an insider wanted to reveal a background regarding Bungie, and the acquisition attempt carried out by Microsoft long before the arrival of Sony.

Before Sony, Microsoft was aiming to acquire Bungie

Microsoft currently owns all Halo IPs, yet the interest of the American company may not have been limited only to this franchise. According to the insider Nate the Hate, who writes through the profile of Direct-Feed Games, some time ago Microsoft wanted to add the same Bungie in the ranks of its studios. The negotiations between the Redmond giant and the development house would have lasted for about two years, ending with ending in 2020 in a mere hole in the water. The reasons behind this impasse, according to the insider’s words, were due to the price that Bungie would have requested from Microsoft, as well as the will to remain independent even once the takeover had taken place.

Bungie wanted about 2 billion dollars, perhaps too high a cost for Microsoft’s bosses, which therefore led them to give up their ambitions. It must be said that, in 2020, rumors concerning the acquisition of Bungie had actually appeared around, but the studio’s CEO later denied these rumors. Returning to nowadays, it is interesting to see how now the price paid by Sony for the acquisition of Bungie is even higher than that proposed to Microsoft, and in addition, the independence already posed as a condition in the negotiations with the company has remained. Xbox company. However, considering how it took more or less five months for Sony, it may be that the Japanese company he found himself with the urgency to bring this deal to fruition, and therefore did not want to waste too much time negotiating on the price.

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