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Italian sites track users more than the EU average

The latest research conducted by NordVPN highlights how i Italian websites use more tracker than all other European counterparts to track user activity. On average, each site in Italy uses 16 trackers. One third of which from Google.

Italian websites use more trackers than the rest of Europe

NordVPN’s latest research highlights how especially i media sites and those about shopping and health have tons of trackers. On average, each site tracks user activity in 16 different ways.

Most of these tracking activities come from third-party trackers. In particular, the 30% from Google, 11% from Facebook and 7% from Adobe. Which then use the data collected for marketing activities: in other words, to show you advertisements.

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Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy expert at NordVPN, explains that: “Typically, trackers are embedded in website code and are difficult for a normal user to detect. Information collected by trackers may include the IP address and location, browsing history, clicks of a user on a websitewhich articles users have seen and for how long, as well as data relating to the browser and device used “.

The researchers used tracker blockers for check the top 100 most popular sites in 20 countries around the world. Cookies, tracking pixels: these trackers can be used to improve the activities of the site itself (analytical trackers). But they can also be from third parties, such as Google, Facebook or Adobe. They use search data to deliver more targeted advertisements.

If you want to avoid tracking, both for privacy and security reasons, you can use a VPN that hides your location and IP address. Also, install a Tracker Blocker come Threat Protection di NordVPN prevents sites from collecting personal information.

Then there are browsers and search engines designed for privacy, which hinder unwanted tracking.

If you are looking for more information on the research, you can read it in its entirety at this site. Instead you can find NordVPN’s offers here.

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