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Samsung believes that Apple is also betting on leaflets

In a meeting with its suppliers, Samsung he speculated that Apple can throw a foldable product by 2024: but it would not be a iPhonebut of hybrid between iPad and Macbook. The Korean company currently dominates the foldable smartphone market, but the Cupertino one could compete on a ‘parallel’ market.

Apple ready to launch a foldable Macbook, according to Samsung

Samsung is pioneering the folding device market, so much so that several rival products now follow the stylistic guidelines of its Galaxy Z Fold e Flip. And according to some experts even Apple could follow in this field with an iPhone, but only in the future: it could arrive perhaps in 2025. And cost the beauty of 2,500 dollars, definitely more than Samsung’s Galaxy.

On the other hand, a foldable Macbook or iPad might make more sense, according to Samsung itself. In fact it could increase the compactness without compromising the screen size. In addition, it would have the ability to use the Apple M series chips, which have proved to be powerful and capable of guaranteeing great autonomy.

foldable hybrid macbook ipad-minCredit: Luna Display

However, Samsung wants to protect itself and prepare for Apple’s arrival in this market. Also because the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that a possible foldable iPhoneand could sell up to 20 million units per yearimmediately beating the Korean company.

But before launching into this segment of the market, it seems that Apple wants to commit to ibridi tablet e laptopas other builders have done (such as Lenovo o Asus, for instance). The next 16-inch iPad it could be a first milestone on this path. But the folding shouldn’t be seen before 2023.

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