Italians are increasingly interested in smartwatches

Gli italiani sono sempre più interessati agli smartwatch thumbnail

A new investigation by idealo confirm the growing interest of Italian users for the smartwatch. According to the study’s data, in fact, the 22.5% of users interested in purchasing an outdoor electronics product directly online, over the last few months., points to a smartwatch. It should also be noted that the idealo survey reveals that the purchase intentions of smartwatches by Italians, in the last two weeks of July, are up by + 29%.

idealo confirms the interest of Italians in smartwatches

The data relating to smartwatches is clear against the trend with that relating to Mobile Phones & Smartphones. Compared to last year, in fact, online interest in mobile devices is down by -5.6%. Between June and the first half of July, smartwatches I’m the most searched product by in the Outdoor Electronics category.

It should also be noted that for Italians there is also considerable interest in tablets and headphones, ideal products to be used on the move during the summer months. Photographic lenses, mirrorless cameras and drones also enter the top 10 of the “Outdoor Electronics” category.

The image below clarifies what are the most sought-after products by Italians in this category and confirms the growing interest in smartwatches:

The other data from the idealo survey

The new idealo survey also focused on other aspects that will be very useful to users. In particular, the portal highlighted i advantages of online comparison. On some product categories, in fact, by comparing the prices it is possible to obtain considerable savings. Furthermore, for each product there is a period in which the purchase is more convenient. The third graphic refers to the change in the average price in 2021 for each product category, highlighting the categories that recorded the greatest decline.

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