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Xbox Night Mode: Microsoft is working on a new feature

Microsoft is currently on an Xbox dedicated Night Mode, which will allow users to lower the brightness of their screens, in such a way as to strain their eyes as little as possible. This mode is still in the testing phase and is currently being tested by some insiders belonging to the program Alpha Skip-Ahead.

Xbox Night Mode: What is it all about?

As we have already said at the beginning, this new Xbox mode will allow users to adjust the brightness of the screen, so as to adapt it also to the nocturnal phases of the day, but obviously it does not end there. In fact, they will be adjustable also the controller LEDs and those that are activated when the console is turned on, so as not to leave out any light source.

As if that were not enough it seems that this Xbox Night Mode will be fully customizable and will allow users to set the brightness level of individual devices and even apply a blue light filter to the TV. Finally, it will be possible to program the activation of this mode, making sure that it always activates after a certain time, every day.

It is therefore a really interesting novelty, which promises to drastically improve the comfort of use of all Xbox consoles currently in circulation. Since the function is being tested right now it is very likely that in the coming days we will know more about it, perhaps through some extra details not yet revealed.

In the meantime, a video which reviews all the customization possibilities that we have listed so far and that we advise you to look at, if this feature tickles your curiosity. According to what can be seen in the video, the Xbox Night Mode also seems very easy and intuitive to use.

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