Gli italiani non rinunciano ad Internet in vacanza e si affidano all'hotspot per la connessione thumbnail

Italians do not give up on the Internet on vacation: Selectra data

Italians do not give up on the Internet on vacation and rely on the hotspot for the thumbnail connection

According to a recent one Selectra investigation, solo 4% of Italians spend their holidays without the Internet. Most users, on the other hand, rely on various solutions to be able to continue using the connection during the holiday period. Here are all the details on the new survey carried out by Selectra during the current holiday period.

Italians on vacation remain connected to the Internet

According to the data collected by Selectra, the hotspot is the system most used by Italians on vacation to access the Internet. 56% of users use this system to connect with a satisfaction level of 90%. It should also be noted that about one third of the survey respondents use the hotel’s fixed Wi-Fi connection to connect on vacation.

The choice of hotspot it is also preferred by those who spend their holidays in the second house (54%). In this case, the hotspot is preferred to the fixed connection which stops in 25% of cases with a satisfaction level of 85%. It should be noted that half of the respondents to Selectra’s survey confirmed that they had installed Wi-Fi in their second home during the pandemic.

Regarding the use of Public Wi-Fi, furthermore, the 58% of Italians who access the Internet on vacation state of don’t think about cybersecurity when connecting to a free Wi-Fi network. It should be noted that 33% of those traveling in Italy connect to a free Wi-Fi while this percentage drops to 29% for those traveling abroad.

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