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7 tips to maximize energy savings in the summer

The energy crisis and the rise in electricity prices make the energy saving. The electricity supplier NeN has therefore drawn up a list d7 tips for going on holiday in the name of energy saving, avoiding waste of electricity that would translate into extra costs in the bill.

NeN’s advice for energy saving

The first thing to do to maximize energy savings before leaving for the holidays is represented by the turning off all appliances. Leaving them in the house for a period of more than a week risks becoming a real waste of energy. Then we must empty and unplug the fridge and freezer, cleaning them and leaving the doors open in order to reduce consumption.

Another detail is represented by thezeroing of consumption related to stand-by, turning off all devices that have the classic light. Stand-by accounts for about 8% of the bill. At home, moreover, when using the air conditioner it is appropriate maximize thermal insulation and avoid drafts that cause hot air to enter.

To avoid waste, before leaving for the holidays, it is advisableo close the gas valve and the water pipe. It should also be noted that for the washing of clothes in summer it is advisable to choose the solutions that include the low temperature washing. As for the dishwasherinstead, it is better to do it one fully loaded instead of washing dishes by hand or doing two with partial loads.

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