Italy is ready to invest in artificial intelligence

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It took a while but Italy is also now ready to invest in the artificial intelligence sector. The confirmation came directly from Government who is preparing a national fund to support Made in Italy also in the AI ​​sector. The resources will not be particularly high.

Does Italy believe in artificial intelligence? The Government is ready to launch a national fund

As confirmed by Alessio Butti, undersecretary with responsibility for technological innovation, the Italian government is preparing a national fund of 150 million euros to push the Italian industry in the artificial intelligence sector.

The AI ​​sector is increasingly linked to technological innovation and Italy can no longer fall behind. At least this is the Government’s point of view will give life to the fund at Cassa Depositi e Prestiti with the aim of supporting companies in the sector.

Butti confirmed the government’s desire to make Italy increasingly independent in the AI ​​sector, contributing to the growth of solid and established companies in an industry that is inevitably destined to grow more and more over the next few years.

How these funds, which are not particularly large considering the industry as a whole, will be used remains to be determined. In any case, the Government’s step marks a clear demonstration of interest in a sector that can no longer be ignored.

We’ll see what the effects of the project will be.

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