Vactidy Nimble T8 review: a cheap help!

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Vactidy Nimble T8 review, the ideal device for those who want convenient help at a low price. Let’s find out why it is one of the best purchases in the reference range

Welcome back to for the complete review of the new robot vacuum cleaner Vactidy Nimble T8, a device that deserves the right attention thanks to the extremely competitive price and not indifferent quality. In fact, it offers a suction power of 3000Pa, an elegant body and an autonomy of about 100 minutes for 120m². Let’s find out together!

Technical sheet | Vactidy Nimble T8 review

  • Product name: Vactidy Nimble T8
  • Form: circular
  • Dimensions: 306x306x73.5 mm
  • Weight: 3.68kg
  • Drums: 2500 mAh
  • sensors: bounce + 3 floor sensors
  • Reload: 6 ore
  • Floor type: hard floor and carpet
  • App: Vactidy (Android e iOS)

Packaging and build quality | Vactidy Nimble T8 review

Let’s start immediately with one of the strengths of the device, the build quality. In fact, you immediately perceive how you are faced with a device made with care, regardless of the price range. The plastics are very resistant and the design is not as obvious as it might seem. In fact, on the upper floor we find a green ring texture which gives a distinctive character to the product. On the front we find the band in glossy plastic dedicated to the collision sensors. Another note of merit goes to the simplicity with which it is possible to assemble and mount the different parts according to use. The same can be said for the dust container, which is very easy to remove and clean.

Another element of value is that relating to the sales package, more than complete. Inside you can find the device, the water and dust tank, 2 cleaning cloths, 2 Hepa filters, a cleaning brush, 4 side brushes, a remote control, an adapter, a charging base and of course the user manuals. ‘use.

Cleaning and Washing | Vactidy Nimble T8 review

with ben 3000Pa and the possibility of applying a cloth for washing, this Nimble T8 is configured as the ideal solution for those who want maximum performance at an affordable price. Let’s start with the suction, which is really effective and powerful. The two front brushes move the dust and dirt during suction, the latter adjustable on several power levels: light, medium, strong and ‘deep cleaning‘. Of course, higher levels of power involve greater energy expenditure and consequently less autonomy. During our test the device was mainly used at medium power, with some small tests in ‘deep cleaning’ for situations that required it. In each of these cases the Nimble T8 performed admirably, returning a outstanding cleaning. Small note of demerit for the sensors, which do not always return the best path to follow, and which often lead the robot to pass several times in the same point avoiding areas that are not yet covered.

The wash is a great addition, definitely not a given in this price range. provides foruse of the cloth and of course the filling of the dedicated tank (enough for a full charge). In this case the device will perform two operations at the same time: suction and washing. The water in the tank will wet the cloth (according to an adjustable amount) which will pass over the area just vacuumed. The result is good, but keep in mind that this operation does not replace a real hand wash, but it can certainly be a useful and fast aid, especially for the most difficult to reach areas (thanks to its suns 7.35cm thick) and for older people or people in difficulty.

Apps and autonomy | Vactidy Nimble T8 review

The autonomy of the device stands at discrete levels, cleaning at an average level of suction can last up to just over an hour, sufficient but not exceptional. Once the device is almost completely discharged it proceeds independently in search of the charging base, a search which unfortunately does not always end in the best way, thus leading the device to shut down in its eternal and vain search. There recharge takes place via magnetic poles present on the lower plane and can employ up to 6 hours.

The companion app to be installed on your smartphone is called Vactidy and includes a good amount of additional features. Among these we find the already mentioned power adjustments (both suction and washing), the programming by days of the week and times, the consumption register and even a summary table of the consumption of the individual parts (wheels, brushes, sensors, etc.). During cleaning, the app’s main screen will then return a map of the lap traveled by the robot vacuum cleaner, unfortunately this is not a real mapping of the interiors but of an approximate and temporary indication.


Vactidy Nimble T8 has proven itself a comfortable ally in everyday lifeFurthermore, thanks to its value for money, it can compete as one of the best purchases in the reference range. It is also complete with everything you need, starting from the rich sales package up to the countless features in the app. You can buy it on the official website at list price of €249.00 or on Amazon via the box below. Before saying goodbye, we invite you to follow for further news and video reviews. See you soon!

Plus points

  • Effective cleaning
  • Wash
  • Rich packaging
  • Build quality

Points against

  • Autonomy only sufficient
  • Path not always ideal
  • Lack of mapping
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