Italy is the country most affected by malware in Europe

L'Italia è il Paese più colpito in Europa dai malware thumbnail

He postpones Navigating New Frontiers di Trend Micro confirms that Italy is among the countries most affected by malware and other cyber threats. In particular, our country ranks fourth in the world as regards the number of cyber attacks, also occupying the first position at European level. Here are the details:

Trend Micro survey results: Italy first for malware in Europe

According to the data that emerged from the survey, the total number of malware intercepted in Italy in 2021 is 62.371.693. This is a significant increase compared to 2020 when this figure stops at 22,640,386. Italy is the fourth most affected country by malware attacks behind the United States, Japan and India.

As for the Macro Malwaremoreover, Italy is confirmed at first place in Europe with almost 7 thousand attacks received while for Ransomware things are “better”. In this special ranking, in fact, Italy occupies only the fourth place in Europe behind Germany, France and the United Kingdom and the twelfth in the world.

Furthermore, according to the data collected by Trend Micro, the new number of malicious sites hosted in Italy and blocked was equal to 269,383. Overall, Trend Micro blocked 94,289,585,240 threats worldwide, an increase of 42% over the previous year. About 70 billion threats arrived via email.

The complete report

To take a look at the full Trend Micro report it is possible to consult the online version which contains all the information collected by the investigation by the company specialized in cyber security.

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