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Hearthstone: The Sunken City Route is the first expansion for 2022

Blizzard has announced what will be the news coming in 2022 for Hearthstone, presenting the new expansion Route for the Underwater City

Despite having now well eight years of honorable service, Hearthstone still remains one of Blizzard’s most played titles, still able to beat the competition on almost all fronts today. This to the detriment of his original birth, which he saw him as a mobile project mostly born with the intent of wanting to give life to a free pastime based on collecting cards, inspired by the universe of Warcraft. Arrived in 2022, Hearthstone remains at the height of its success dominating its rivals, and as usual this year too the game will be renewed with the addition of a first new expansion, called Route for the Submerged City. It will add several unpublished news, that we are going to present in the following lines to interested players and to those who perhaps would like to start approaching the title.

Route to the Sunken City expansion is coming to Hearthstone

First, new or veteran players will be given the option to visit one of the oldest cities and unexplored Hearthstone, Zin-Azshari, located among the waves of the sea for well over 10 thousand years. A real expedition will be organized to explore this lost realm, going to visit a wonderful and at the same time terrifying world. To survive in the Sunken City it will be crucial to use ability to modify your decks, and powerful new cards can be obtained to use in battles against the fearsome new minions. Among the latter, which will be a permanent addition of Hearthstone, there will also be those who will take the name of Dragon: they are vengeful beings, ruined by their thirst for power and destined for eternal suffering; they are very adept at using Spells, and will give bonuses when the player goes to use them in their hand.

They will also be present two new skills: Dredging e Colossus. Dredging will allow look at the last three cards of your deck, leading the player to choose one to put on top; excellent skill for those moments when the necessary card is at the very end! Also, the Dredging cards will be combinable with those of Azshara, placing a “Submerged” card at the bottom of the deck. The Colossus ability causes it to appear the Colossus servants, mammoth creatures too large to fit on a single card; they will then appear as additional appendages, summoned together with the main card even when the Colossus minion is not played in the hand.

Hearthstone’s Route to the Sunken City expansion will take you into the game a total of 135 new cards, and the pre-purchase is already available. With the Mega Package even novice players will have optimal access to the expansion, which will include 80 envelopes of Route for the Submerged City, 5 Golden envelopes, 2 Legendary cards, the hero model Regina Azshara, the back of the same, 5 packs of Mercenaries and the Extras of the Battle. The expansion will officially release starting April 12, 2022.

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