itek: presented the new compact cases and SFX power supplies

Matteo De Filippi

itek is back to being talked about with the presentation of two new compact cases and two SFX power supplies. Let’s see them in detail

The hardware market is always evolving and every day they are released new products ready to go to improve our experience. Whether it’s peripherals or hardware in the truest sense of the word, all components play a vital role in our experience. This duck knows and presented two new compact houses for those who have little space at home e two SFX power supplies. Let’s take a closer look at them.

itek: presented the new compact cases and SFX power supplies

Introducing itek’s new Galaxy 2Q and Evoke Bro compact cases

Il Galaxy 2Q it presents itself as an extraordinary case for aesthetics, performance and above all versatility. In fact, with very small dimensions it is possible to assemble very high performance systems, with video cards positioned both vertically and horizontally up to 336 mm long. It also allows the installation of heat sinks up to 138 mm high and 240 mm liquid not counting the several locations for HDDs and SSDs yes 3.5″ is 2.5″.

As for power supplies, let’s talk about products in SFX format, just like those presented by itek that we will see later. If instead we talk about motherboards, the only supported format it is of course that Mini ITX. Assembly is facilitated by a 12mm cable management and le interlocking side bulkheads. The air flow is facilitated by 2 ARGB fans supplied and from side bulkhead almost completely perforated. In case you prefer performance to aesthetics, there is a second front panel in ABS completely perforatedwhich with a simple “click” can replace the pre-installed glass one.

Evoke Bro is the new version of the Evoke, which features a front with a stronger character and a side bulkhead in transparent glass. In just 303 x 185 x 391 mm (length, height, width) you have the option of mount motherboards in Micro ATX and Mini ITX format, SFX or ATX power suppliesvertical or horizontal video cards, heat sinks up to 155 mm highbut also liquid cooling of 240 mm.

Ventilation and thermal stability are guaranteed thanks to walls (sides and tops) almost completely pierced and the ability to install various 80 and 120 mm fans. The number of is also important HDD/SSD ready from 3.5” and 2.5”, the latter up to 7 units.

itek: presented the new compact cases and SFX power supplies

Also take a look at the new itek SFX power supplies

Having added new compact cases to the catalogue, itek also had to introduce some new PSUs (Power Supply Unit) that could fit inside them. There are two versions, precisely in SFX format, da 550 W e 650 W. Both fully modular and 80 PLUS GOLD certified.

GX550 EVO e GX650 EVO they present themselves with a new layout maintaining the same build quality and reliability as previous models thanks also to Japanese 105c capacitors of the highest quality, FDB fanFluid Dyniamic Bearingda 92 mm con Thermal control e Optimized PCB for the size.

These new products they can already be purchased from official retailers, although only the Evoke Bro is available on at the time of writing. The recommended prices are €85.00 for the latter, €89.00 of the Galaxy 2Q, €119.00 for the GX550 EVO e €129.00 for the GX650 EVO. What do you think of these new products from the American company? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow!

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