Sony’s new SRS-XV800 speaker for blaring entertainment

Il nuovo speaker SRS-XV800 di Sony per l'intrattenimento a tutto volume thumbnail

Sony introduced the new SRS-XV800, a speaker expressly designed for loud entertainment. At the most epic party of the year or in front of movies and TV series, this model fills the room with powerful and immersive sound, at any point, regardless of the content playing.

Sony SRS-XV800, all the energy of surround sound

Omnidirectional Party Sound technology, integrated into the speaker SRS-XV800spreads spectacular sound to every corner of the room, supported by five tweeters that emit crystal clear sound from both the front and rear and the penetrating bass of the dual X-Balanced Speaker units.

Sony’s X-Balanced Speaker unit has a rectangular shape that not only maximizes the area of ​​the diaphragm, but also increases the sound pressure, so as to deliver deeper and more punchy bass, reduce distortion and transmit clearer vocals, for a clear and satisfying listening experience.

The best of sound anywhere, anytime with the Sony SRS-XV800 speaker

With a built-in battery that offers up to 25 hours of listening time, the music can last all night long. And, if the battery is low, there’s no need to worry: the quick charge function allows you to have another 3 hours of playback with just 10 minutes of charge.

Con SRS-XV800not only time, but also space is not a problem: to transfer the party literally anywhere, just grab the practical handle, tilt the speaker and move it thanks to the integrated wheels.

Indirect lighting generates a light that creates the right atmosphere on the track, based on the songs played. By simply starting playback, the speaker lights automatically synchronize with the beat and rhythm of the music, in an enthralling and immersive play of colours.

Optimized viewing experience

Every image deserves a sound to match. When paired with a TV, the deep bass and room-filling sound from Sony’s exclusive TV Sound Booster feature make the sound effects so realistic you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the action.

By combining the sound of the TV with the two rear tweeters of SRS-XV800 and X-Balanced Speaker units, the system delivers rich bass and lifelike high frequencies, which reverberate off walls and completely surround viewers. The TV Sound Booster function[5]Furthermore, it optimizes the sound of any audiovisual content, from live concerts to films, to offer a totally immersive result.

Plug-in connections for unlimited fun

Lo speaker SRS-XV800 it is equipped with a guitar and karaoke input, an intuitive and illuminated touch panel, IPX4 water protection degree and Fast Pair Bluetooth connectivity for Android, to really listen to music anywhere.

sony | Music Center and Fiestable for the best parties

The new speaker SRS-XV800 is compatible with Sony | apps Music Center and Fiestable. sony | Music Center lets you choose playlists and change light patterns and sound modes right while you dance. Fiestable offers the funniest features to create a boredom-proof atmosphere, with playlists, karaoke functions (Voice Changer or Echo, for example) and DJ controls designed to add sound effects.

The environment first of all

Sony products are designed to deliver quality sound while respecting the environment. The structure of the speaker SRS-XV800 it is made in part from a recycled plastic specially developed by Sony, confirming the company’s commitment to reducing the ecological impact of products.