ITORAH available from today on Steam: let’s find out

Scopriamo ITORAH: il nuovo platform d’azione disponibile da oggi su Steam thumbnail

ITORAH, a vibrant Meso-American-inspired action platformer available on Steam, is out today. Let’s find out what it is.

ITORAH is available from today on Steam and GOG

Today we venture into lush hand-painted forests, exploring dangerous temples and ruins that conceal dark mysteries. Why do we do it? Dunno, maybe because it’s fun (or maybe because we have to save the planet). Don’t worry, there is no need to prepare your backpack for excursions, we can do all this from our home, thanks to ITORAH, the new platform developed by Grimbart Tales and published by Assemble Enterainment. The game is available today on PC via Steam and GOG. So let’s do this: first we enjoy the trailer and then we understand what it is.

ITORAH throws us into a world dominated by dark masked characters. The planet is threatened by a mysterious plague that destroys everything in its path. It will be up to the protagonist, thanks also to his comrade in arms Koda, to venture into the land of Nahuncan to reveal what lies behind and save the planet. All in a hand painted world, with an artistic and colorful taste. Not all that glitters is gold though: the narrative deals with dramatic themes, such as sacrifice and self-loss. A journey of redemption then, in a desolate land. Desolate but beautiful.

“Games rarely focus on indigenous cultures and stories, but with this title we wanted to dive into Mesoamerican culture,” said Stefan Marcinek, CEO and founder of Assemble Entertainment, in announcing the release of the game. Here the link to Steam.