A new scam linked to a petrol voucher is running on WhatsApp

Su WhatsApp gira una nuova truffa legata ad un buono benzina: è un tentativo di phishing thumbnail

July 10, 2020, Brazil. In this photo illustration the WhatsApp logo seen displayed on a smartphone

His WhatsApp one is shooting in these hours new scam linked to an elusive 100 euro petrol voucher. The scam scheme is very simple. Users receive a message warning that “all stations will be giving away 10,000 € 100 petrol vouchers in protest against the government and the war”. Following the message there is a link that directs the user to a site where they are asked to enter some data.

The latest WhatsApp scam is related to petrol vouchers

It’s about a phishing scam which therefore aims to steal data from users by exploiting one of the main current issues. With the “excuse” of the petrol voucher, in fact, the goal is to encourage the user to enter their data (perhaps even payment data). Clearly, there is no free petrol voucher and the whole scam scheme has been put in place to make the most of a very sensitive issue and induce unsuspecting users to share their data.

How to defend yourself

The scam on WhatsApp linked to petrol vouchers easily becomes harmless. Enough do not click on the link included in the message which is usually received from an unknown user. It is also advisable to delete the message directly, also blocking the user who received it (if unknown). The scam has already been reported to the authorities. Pending developments, it is advisable, as always, to avoid clicking on links sent by strangers.