Jabra focuses on sustainability: the packaging is eco-friendly

Jabra punta sulla sostenibilità: il  packaging è eco-friendly thumbnail

Jabra takes a new step towards environmental sustainabilityAnd. The company, in fact, introduces a new 100% recyclable packaging confirming its commitment to the reduction of environmental impact. It should also be noted that the Evolve2 range of headphones can now count on a new eco-friendly package consisting of a bag and a bag both made of paper.

Jabra’s commitment to sustainability continues

Jabra confirms its commitment to the social and environmental responsibility with a series of objectives aimed at reducing plastic waste and transport emissions. The new packaging of the Elite 85t is 38% smaller than that of its predecessors, the Elite 75t, which was itself 27% smaller than that of the Elite 65t2.

It should be noted that the packaging of the latest earphones has 85% less plastic, thus making it more and more sustainable. The company has also reduced the plastic packaging of the Evolve2 range, focusing on materials made from environmentally friendly sources.

Jabra’s commitment to sustainability also translates into creation of lighter packaging and, therefore, in a reduction of emissions related to transport. The Elite 85t, for example, are sold in a 49% lighter package than the Elite 75t4.

The company comment

Maurits Hekking, Head of Sustainability of the GN Group, Jabra’s parent company, underlines the company’s commitment to an eco-friendly packaging system: “At Jabra we all share the value of sustainability and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by developing smarter products and packaging. Seeing our goals realized, through these new packaging and as a result of our great collaboration with the other teams in the Group, is a real milestone on Jabra’s journey towards a more sustainable future ”.