Black Desert Online, annunciato il primo Dungeon co-op thumbnail

The Dungeon Co-op lands on Black Desert, the MMORPG of Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Online, first Dungeon co-op thumbnail announced

Black Desert expands with Atoraxxion, the first ever Co-op dungeon for the title. The game is developed by Pearl Abyss, and ranks in the genus MMORPG. It features action elements and allows players to explore the entire virtual world. More than 40 million active players, spread across PC, console and mobile devices, were waiting for the new game mode.

The Dungeon follows a structure PvE and is divided into 4 territories, each strongly characterized by a natural environment and by different climatic conditions. Players will be able to explore a desert area, ocean, canyon and forest, thus experiencing a variety of different situations. The storyline that will push the players to act will be interesting and full of challenges and challenging fights.

To celebrate the release of Atoraxxion, Black Desert Online is launching a new round of the campaign Twitch Drop. By watching the Black Desert Online game on the Amazon-owned platform, you will be able to receive in-game rewards and items. New players will have the opportunity to unlock a Game Pass to play the title for free.

The features of the Black Desert Online Dungeon Co-op

The novelties we talked about are intended for both PC and console players. The main features of the first dungeon will be:

  • Exciting storyline with curated interlude scenes, so as to accompany the players’ deeds in battle and involve them in an exciting story.
  • Cryptic and engaging puzzles, as per the best tradition for the RPG genre: there will be various elements in the scenarios to be analyzed and manipulated to continue the adventure.
  • Exciting fights: Black Desert’s fighting style will adapt to new weapons, such as Ancient ones. Players will have to study the enemies so as to hit them in their weak points to get the better of them. This gives the game experience strategy and depth, fundamental elements for a good role-playing game.
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