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Jabra: presented the brand new Elite 4

Elite 4 are the brand new feature-rich Jabra earphones, designed not only for work but also for fully enjoying your free time

With Jabra Elite 4 you will have the possibility to stay connected with 2 devices at the same time thanks to Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity and Fast Pair and Swift Pair. These earphones are versatile and available at a very competitive price. With Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and optimized 6mm speakers, for powerful sound. The Elite 4 are compact and lightweight, designed for all-day comfort and IP55-rated to protect against dust and water. Lastly, battery life has been maximized, giving you the option to use one earbud while the other charges.

Jabra: presented the brand new Elite 4

New Jabra Elite 4 earphones

Jabra, the leader in personal and professional audio and video solutions, introduces the Elite 4, the latest addition to the exclusive Elite line. Following in the footsteps of the Elite 3, These true wireless earphones are a step up from the previous model, ideal for the modern audio device user. With the push of a button, users can escape from a busy day by immersing themselves in multimedia enjoyment or connecting with colleagues, friends or family.


The Elite 4 have been designed to embrace the main characteristics of modern earphones, such as comfort, optimal audio and practicality; all at a reasonable price. For users who need to connect to two different devices simultaneously, the Jabra Elite 4 integrates Bluetooth Multipoint technology. This allows you to switch between them smoothly and without missing a beat, or a call. Initial pairing of the earphones to a device is also simple. This is thanks to the Fast Pair option that connects immediately to a mobile device and with the Swift Pair option that connects directly to a laptop or computer.

Jabra: presented the brand new Elite 4

Jabra’s new Elite 4 earphones: designed for “everything”

Designed for travel and on the go, the Elite 4 integrate the active noise cancellation (ANC) function. They also filter unwanted sounds optimally, so that distractions become a thing of the past. But that’s not all: the Elite 4 are designed to ensure crystal clear sound! This is thanks to the 4-microphone calling technology and 6mm loudspeakers, so users can be sure they are heard loud and clear. And for those looking for a personalized listening experience, the Jabra music equalizer and intuitive Sound+ app let you configure the audio to suit your tastes. Such customization is essential to create a fully satisfying and seamless listening experience.

Battery and aesthetics

The Elite 4s have a playtime of 5.5 hours with the device of choice and 22 hours with the compact case (28 hours with ANC off). While ensuring all-day wearing comfort thanks to Jabra’s ergonomic acoustic engineering. The earphones are made from premium quality durable materials that offer an IP55-certified degree of resistance against dust and water. They are available in four classic colours: Dark Grey, Navy, Lilac and Light Beige.

Claims regarding the new Jabra Elite 4 headsets

Calum MacDougall, SVP of Jabrahe has declared:

The modern headphone user is looking for work-and-play-ready technology at a reasonable price that doesn’t compromise the key features required of the device. The Elite 4 offer a valid answer to these needs. They are designed to help users focus, connect and make calls without distraction, and are an ideal companion for balancing work and personal life.

Jabra: presented the brand new Elite 4

Main features of the Elite 4

  • Bluetooth Multipoint allows you to seamlessly switch between a call and an application
  • Fast Pair e Swift Pair ensure instant connections to laptops/phones
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) blocks background noise
  • Comfortable fit to be worn all day
  • 4 microphone technology to optimize call quality
  • Until 22 hours of total battery with ANC on (28 hours with ANC off)
  • Possibility to use only one headset to listen or answer calls while the other charges
  • Spotify Tap playback for instant access to music content
  • Qualcomm aptX technology unlike competitors
  • Rain protection with IP55 certification
  • 2 year guarantee
  • The Jabra Elite 4s are available at select retailers, al suggested retail price of 99.99 euros

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