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Jaguar Land Rover lancia un Engineering Hub in Italia

Jaguar Land Rover decided to launch a Engineering Hub in Italia. The engineering team will be responsible for develop driver assistance systems and work on autonomous driving technologies next generation in artificial intelligence (AI).

The Jaguar Land Rover hub in Italy

The new hub is part of the strategic partnership with NVIDIA and will join Jaguar Land Rover’s network of design divisions in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Hungary, Spain, Germany, China and North America.

The new Engineering Hub in Italy is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s “Reimagine” strategy to develop ever more advanced vehicles.

Among other things, the company is strengthening its team of engineers around the world, who will help to face the new challenges and global trends of the automotive industry by virtue of a sustainable and innovative future.

“The great strength of this initiative that we are launching in Italy is that various teams of specialists are able to collaborate in a hybrid work model from different locations around the world, strongly based on remote working. We offer these young engineers great creative opportunities in a new, less structured work environment, focused on delivering a product to the customer quickly and with quality, but not necessarily complete immediately, in all its functionalities, following the so-called agile methodology”, he said Marco Santucci, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Italy.

By adopting this new working model, we form small, multi-functional and self-organized teams that repeatedly involve the end customer during development. We are looking for experts in functional development, systems engineering, software vision and AI/machine learning, as well as hardware engineering and V&V (Verification&Validation). The development of the cloud and infrastructure is just as necessary as the knowledge of the agile working methodology”.

Jaguar Land Rover e NVIDIA

Regarding the collaboration with NVIDIA, Jaguar Land Rover is researching, developing and testing the latest autonomous vehicle technologies, as well as the necessary supporting infrastructure.

In fact, starting from 2025, the new Jaguar and Land Rover models will be based on the software-defined platform which will offer a wide range of automated systems for active safety, driving, parking and driver assistance.

Inside the vehicle, artificial intelligence will enable driver and occupant monitoring and advanced visualization of the surroundings.

Open job positions

In Italy, Jaguar Land Rover is creating about 50 new jobs for engineers specialized in automotive software. To these will add up in total more than 150 jobs in Italy, Spain and Germany, which will add up to the 300 already hired in other countries, with a significant growth trend in the short term.

“I am proud of this Jaguar Land Rover initiative which involves a great deal of work by national human resources to search, select and place on board excellence in the field of new technologies with more long experience, but also young talents, just out of university training, precisely to outline, with the best potential, the Jaguar Land Rover of the near future” he concluded with this Marco Santucci.

There are two ways to apply: by clicking here or directly on the company’s LinkedIn page.

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