James Dyson Award: 20 world finalists selected

Gli ingegneri Dyson selezionano i 20 finalisti del James Dyson Award thumbnail

The global winners of the James Dyson Award will be announced on November 17, meanwhile, here are the 20 finalists out of over 2,000 nominations.

The 20 finalist inventions of the James Dyson Award 2021

Officially announced the 20 pioneering inventions who are in the final for the James Dyson Award 2021. Hence the international phase officially opens after the national winners and finalists of the competition were announced in August. The first place for Italy goes to Roadfix: a special tool for asphalting roads. The global top 20 is the result of the selection of a composed jury 15 engineers, scientists and designers Dyson around the world. These examined the 83 national finalists to compile the list of the 20 best projects globally.

John McGarva, Global Head of Design Engineering di Dyson

“I believe the James Dyson Award is an extremely effective way to encourage young engineers to take projects forward.” He claims John McGarva, Global Head of Design Engineering di Dyson and top 20 judge. “The award is a fertile ground for innovation, to take root and gain the support and recognition that teams and individuals need to succeed.”

Some of the 20 finalist projects

Here are some of the twenty finalist projects of the competition:

  • Algobio: a non-toxic flame retardant, which uses a polymer obtained from algae. (CANADA)
  • ArchGuard: A safer and more intuitive way to prevent strokes and silent ischemias during transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedures. (USA)
  • Image: a new organic leather composed of citrus peel waste and organic binders. (MALAYSIA)
  • ARENA: male contraceptive device based on ultrasound, reversible and non-hormonal for home use. (GERMANY)
  • Enayball: support for art tools that allows those who are paralyzed or suffer from multiple sclerosis to draw, paint and write. (UK)
  • Field of Vision: handheld device that uses artificial intelligence to allow the visually impaired to enjoy football matches, in addition to audio only. (IRELAND)
  • Guided Hands: a mechanical assistive device that allows anyone living with limited hand mobility to write, paint, draw and use a touch screen device. (CANADA)
  • HIIVI: a better bee house that allows beekeepers to raise bees naturally. (GERMANY)
  • HOPES: a wearable biomedical device for a painless, low-cost intraocular pressure (IOP) test for home use. (SINGAPORE)
  • LOTA +: a low cost, sustainable and complete off-grid toilet solution. (SINGAPORE)
  • LUNA: new approach to the design of ankle foot orthoses, aimed at young and growing individuals with hereditary spastic paraplegia. (AUSTRALIA)
  • ManiFlex: an innovative, functional and integrated solution to traditional braces, using the unique properties of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPUI). (BELGIUM)
  • Morpho: bandage that changes color when ironed, the color shows how much pressure is applied, greatly simplifying the treatment. (USA)
  • AUTO: A hug chair with interior walls that apply deep pressure to the chest or legs. (FRANCE)

James Dyson Awards global winners in November

Alex Davison, engineering student at the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology proposes his winning recipe for the competition:

“A carefully thought out design is the key, demonstrating a deep iterative process, and openness to failures, lessons learned and improving facts. In fact, great inventions take time to develop, and failures are necessary to perfect the design ”.

We just have to wait for the November 17, 2021 when James Dyson will announce the global winners of the James Dyson Award 2021.