King Arthur: Knight's Tale, è ufficiale la data di lancio. Sarà nel 2022 thumbnail

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, the launch date is official. It will be in 2022

NeocoreGames announced that KING ARTHUR: KNIGHT’S TALE will “leave” Steam Early Access and will be launched in “Full Version” mode on Steam on February 15th 2022.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, what will it include

The “version 1.0” as it has been renamed, will contain within it several features. Let’s find out, in the list below:

– The complete story campaign
– More than 30 playable heroes and 6 different classes
– The “Level Cup” on a scale that reaches 30
– More than 50 missions
– Post-campaign end game mode
– Optional PvP mode
– A total and complete OST
– In-game digital rewards for Kickstarter supporters
– The “Results” function

The Game Trailer

A very long and articulated video, which takes the hype to a very high level in view of the date identified for the second month of 2022. Here it is below.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, additional game commentary

In the presentation speech of the videogame, NeocoreGames wanted to thank all the people who contributed to the creation and release of the same, during the Kickstarter campaign, also announcing that in December, through the PVP logins, the first people could start to ” taste ”the game in preview.

Set in a fantasy scenario based on the world of the era of King Arthur, the game is a tactical RPG, which begins immediately after the battle of Camlann and which thickens with twists, adventures and trials to overcome to get to the end.

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