JBL and MCES: together for eSports

JBL has signed an agreement with one of the most famous export organizations in Italy becoming an official partner of MCES

Thanks to official partnership just signed with MCES, the international esports organization, JBL will support new esports talents with its JBL Quantum headphones to deliver a state-of-the-art, immersive, engaging and dynamic gaming audio experience. JBL, a brand recognized for its products that offer superior quality sound, in the role of Official Partner, will support the athletes of the eSports teams in various tournaments and events organized by MCES: from mainstream games like Fortnite, to niche ones like Virtual Regatta.

JBL and MCES: together for eSports

JBL and MCES: eSports are the future

The agreement between JBL and MCES stems from the desire to bring together two worlds already closely linked – that of gaming and that of the latest technologies in the audio field – in un innovative project that will further motivate and stimulate players. For this reason, JBL will make available to MCES talents some of the most cutting-edge and iconic products of the brand, including the brand new gaming headphones of the JBL Quantum line: the JBL Quantum One, equipped with proprietary audio processing. QuantumSPHERE 360 with head-tracking technology and active noise cancellation, which will support the athletes of the professional teams in the esports field in their live shows and in the competitions organized by MCES.

JBL and MCES: together for eSports

JBL has always been the promoter of sporting activities of various kinds because sport and music are an indissoluble combination and JBL, with its line of products designed to deliver the highest sound quality and truly immersive audio rendering, will be a key partner at a time when concentration is a crucial element for a winning result. In addition, the JBL headphones will accompany esports on the journey from Rome (MCES Italia headquarters) to Marseille (MCES France headquarters), scheduled this summer, organized by MCES with the aim of promote the importance of social relationships and an open and inclusive mindset, and to create new contents to consolidate the connection between the Italian and French reality. Alberto Petroni, Marketing Manager JVCKENWOOD Italia SpA, states:

We are thrilled to be part of a project that involves such a wide variety of audiences and that thrills so many new Italian talents. JBL has always believed in the power of music to stimulate people to give their best and push their limits: this is why we are really proud to support MCES Italia in making these experiences even more engaging and intense.

A collaboration that also thrilled Tommaso Maria Ricci, Director of MCES Italia and Riccardo Ricci, sales manager.

It is an honor to partner with an international brand of the caliber of JBL. Choosing quality gaming headsets is critical to our players’ winning performance. We are sure that our union will help us achieve excellent results

Riccardo Ricci said. Between February and March 2021 MCES Italia organized the largest online tournament ever held in Italy which involved 15 thousand subscribers. For this year, still long and full of surprises, JBL will continue to commit itself to giving MCES the right support and the ideal rhythm to accompany all the most exciting moments of this 2021. From the hardware section, that’s all, keep following us!

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