Jeep accelerates with Avenger, the electric car that plays like a band

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Not only have we been waiting for it, but now it is Jeep accelerate with Avengerl’electric of a thousand sounds gives a surge to sales.

Born to conquer the Italian and European market in 2023. The Jeep Avenger is the smallest Jeep never built. In fact it measures: 4.08 meters long. She has another record, she is the first Jeep completely electric. Of entirely European conception and designed in Italy.

This is also why it is destined to make history.

Jeep accelerates with Avenger, the electric car with a thousand sounds soars sales, press office source

Jeep Avenger, hunting for records also in sales

From the Car of the Year 2023 title to the sales records set. Here is the Jeep Avenger certainly living a golden moment. This looks set to last, as he claims Eric Laforge, head of Jeep Brand Europea MF-Newswires.

“I am already over 26,000 Avenger units sold by Jeep, a result of which we are very satisfied. Such was its success that over 20,000 customers bought it before even seeing it. Until now, delivery to end customers was active in Italy, Spain and Poland”.

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Jeep Avenger, the electric car destined for large numbers

Until recently, the American brand identified itself with the concept of pure off-road and adventure. Now with the Jeep Avenger which is designed for a different clientele. Above all for an urban audience made up of singles, young people and it is also very suitable for female users.

It remains a city Jeep, but is also suitable for use in leisure time. From front-wheel drive, Jeep has equipped it with small and useful devices. Short overhangs, it has ample ground clearance to prevent the car from touching underneath in the most difficult points.

Il turning radius it is just 10.5 metersthe. So it succeeds in maneuvering in tight spaces and in urban use. There are three standard driving modes: Eco, Normal e Sport. For off-road use, the following are involved: Sand, Mud, Snow.

There is a downhill speed control system active up to 80 km/h. The design remains soft and sinuous of the Avenger. It is the work of the Italian stylist, Daniel Calonaci.

Here he favored more rounded shapes rather than the canonical squared design, typical of every Jeep. Inside, the Avenger amazes with the good space available to the occupants despite its only 4.08 meters in length.

Jeep Avenger, official website sourceJeep Avenger, official website source

A dashboard that winks at technology and a 156 HP engine

The dashboard with a horizontal design is airy and equipped with many compartments for storing objects. It has a large, very legible central display of good size. The motor and from 156 cavalli, with a 54kWh battery which guarantees an’autonomy declared of 400 km (in the WLTP cycle). For the Italian and Spanish market, Jeep also offers a thermal version with 100 HP 1.2-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine which in Jeep forecasts should be preferred by three quarters of our customers. Moreover, the thermal Avenger will also cost a lot less: around €21,800 against around €30,000 net of electricity incentives. Those who want a more extreme Jeep for off-roading, on the other hand, will be satisfied in 2024. When an Avenger 4×4 version arrives which should have two electric motors, one per axle, to ensure four-wheel drive.

Jeep accelerates with Avenger, the electric car with a thousand sounds soars sales, source official website

Jeep accelerates with Avenger, the electric car with a thousand sounds soars sales, source official website

Jepp Avenger 2Jeep accelerates with Avenger, the electric car with a thousand sounds soars sales, source official website

Even the electric has its sounds

Yep wants with Avenger give a unique driving experience. About sound Daniel Calonacihead of Jeep design, says: “Avenger is the brand’s first electric: it means that it could not be like the others. The car is a Bev, it needs on-off feedback, but we also changed other sounds on board: a project that is part of a wider stylistic choice that aims to stimulate the driver”.

in fact theanother great challenge for builders is being able to find the right sounds, to stand out in the panorama of EVs. Daniele Calonaci continues: “It wasn’t easy to find the right sounds for a 100% electric Jeep. For us, having a different imprint inside the car meant being able to give new sensations, but always referring to our tradition. If today some sounds are untouchable, we have customized others”.

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