JOBY GorillaPod GripTight PRO 2 review

JOBY GorillaPod GripTight PRO 2 review

Once you have tried JOBY GorillaPod GripTight PRO 2 it will become your most faithful filming ally. Find out why in the review of this jointed tripod

With the advent and rapid development of multimedia content sharing on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch e Instagram, it was necessary a renewal and a change of direction in the photo / videographic equipment. The key word behind the work of vloggers and more generally of content creators on the move – professionals and non-professionals – is: portability. In this sense, the latest generation smartphones, equipped with high-performance cameras, represent faithful travel companions.

To meet all needs, JOBY, already several years ago, proposed the first version of GorillaPod GripTight. The GorillaPod is nothing more than a tripod with articulated legs, therefore able to be positioned and clung to places where otherwise our smartphones and cameras could not be placed. GorillaPod GripTight PRO 2 is the new version of the famous tripod, designed in this variant to be used with smartphones and which, enriched by the experience and success of the first version, brings some improvements to the project, making it an almost perfect product. Read on to find out why.

Robustness and functionality at the highest levels | JOBY GorillaPod GripTight PRO 2 Review

During this review I felt it was appropriate to analyze the articulated legs separately from the accessory-holder for smartphone included in this variant, precisely because it is only one of the various accessories that could be used.

The three legs of the tripod perfectly embody the philosophy behind the GorillaPod project, increasing the efficiency and strength of the structure under stress thanks to high quality plastic materials. Thanks to the articulated conformation I was able to use the tripod on the move both for simple standing vlogs and for imaginative video recordings possible only by wrapping the legs of this JOBY GorillaPod GripTight PRO 2 and which otherwise would have been impossible (for example around the battery). Thanks to’connection with standard 1/4 ”-20 thread it is possible, in addition to combining other accessories from the manufacturer, to directly connect a very low weight camera (for example a small mirrorless) and use the tripod in complete tranquility.

The support per smartphone included in this JOBY GorillaPod GripTight PRO 2 is the perfect accessory to attach large and small cell phones to the tripod, rotatable by 90 ° in an instant to capture images horizontally or vertically. The materials (ABS plastic, aluminum and stainless steel) give back one feeling of absolute robustness: no creaking or fear of your smartphone falling around the corner. Definitely a step forward in terms of comfort and reliability compared to the system used in the previous version. In the upper part there is also a removable support Cold Shoe PRO which acts as a support for any external microphone or flash light. There is also a hole to connect, as needed, two additional support arms, produced and also purchased by JOBY.

From the tests carried out I was able to find that, in addition to representing a indispensable aid to support your smartphone in every need, in moving videos (or in any case in cases where the tripod is subject to stress) the mechanical stabilization due to the dissipation of vibrations inside the structure is excellent and the risk of shooting micro-moves almost completely eliminated. All the miserable weight of 0.282 kg which, thanks to its small size, make it a must-have in the backpack during every outing. The only lack found, icing on a cake that is already very tasty in itself, comes from the impossibility of connecting, even optionally, a lever to the smartphone holder so as to be able to shoot typically cinematic cut. More than anything else a small personal desire that, in reality, would find little use by the average user of this product, in addition to the practical difficulty of being used given the low weight.

The best in its category | Review

JOBY GorillaPod GripTight PRO 2 is the reference smartphone tripod for professionals (vloggers, content creators, influencers) and others. A product that perfectly combines functionality and durability which, offered at a slightly higher price than some less famous competitors, finds complete justification in a general quality that is decidedly above average. The advice is to buy it and always carry it with you, with the certainty that it will never break in your hands. JOBY GorillaPod GripTight PRO 2 is available for purchase at a price around 70 €.


Points in favor

  • Perfect in what it offers
  • Excellent materials
  • Possibilities extended by compatible accessories

Points against

  • Price in line with the offer but not competitive
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