Joker 2: a stellar budget for the sequel to the cinecomic

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Joker 2 or Joker: Folie à Deux: Warner Bros allocates a stellar budget for the sequel to the famous cinecomic

It is still early to see Joker 2 o Joker: Madness for Two in our cinemas, however Warner these days he is giving us a lot of new information. We know that it will not be able to sustain these rhythms, given that the sequel to one of the most famous cinecomics in the world will arrive in theaters in 2024. However, it has given us another further news: The Warner Bros production house has allocated a stellar budget for the film with Joaquin Phoenix e Lady Gaga.

The question we all ask ourselves is this now: how do they support the costs? The answer was simple and straightforward: cutting into other projects!

But let’s take a closer look at what Warner Bros. has provided us with.

The Joker 2 budget

We know that the film will be released in cinemas around the world on October 4, 2024. We know some news about the plot, the characters and the cast, with the entry on the scene of the well-known Lady Gaga in the role of Harley Quinn.

Now, we also know a little more about the budget of Joker 2. Variety informs us that Joker: Folie à Deux will cost more than double that of Joker, for which an amount between 55 and 70 million dollars has been allocated. The sequel to the cinecomic starring Joaquin Phoenix who took home two Oscars will have a budget of 150 million dollars!

A lot of money, don’t you think?

Variety also writes that this astronomical figure will be used for the salary of Phoenix and the director and screenwriter Todd Phillipsbut certainly Lady Gaga will also claim her share.

Also, as the film is a musical, there will be dance numbers that will require complex choreography and fabulous sets. In short, since the stakes are high, we might as well invest as much as possible.

We think it’s better this way, that Warner continues to pamper us with news of this kind, given the sad news of recent days. After the deletion of Batgirlof which we are very sorry, we do not even know what will happen to it The Flash. Ezra Miller he is not doing the good of cinecomic, so it is right to carve out a space for us to dream with Joaquin Phoenix, Lady Gaga and Joker 2.


Winner of two Academy Awards (for best leading actor and best soundtrack), Joker has grossed around 1 billion dollars worldwide. The film was very popular with the audience, who will flock even more to the theater to enjoy the sequel. Does this mean that Joker 2 will double the earnings of the first film? We don’t feel like excluding it.

For other juicy news all that remains is to stay tuned to our channels. Stay tuned!

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