Journey to the Mediterranean by electric car, the perfect Wallbox itinerary

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Do you want to enjoy a trip to the Mediterranean in September? Wallbox has recommendations and an itinerary for an electric car (EV) road trip along the Mediterranean coast between Italy, France and Spain.

Wallbox, travel around the Mediterranean with an electric car

Traveling by electric car is becoming more and more possible, even over several days. The increase in the number of recharging stations and the growing autonomy of vehicles, allows you to move around easily. But either way, Wallbox, an electric vehicle charging expert, has a few considerations to keep in mind.

  • Adequate autonomy: If you rent a car, make sure it has a range of at least 450 km to reduce recharging stops.
  • Fast Charging Stations: Identify fast or ultra-fast charging stations, such as the Wallbox Supernova 150 kW, which adds 100 km of range in seven minutes. Check that the electric car supports fast charging.
  • Route Planning: Use dedicated apps and websites such as Electromaps to plan your route and locate places of interest along with the nearest charging points.
  • Recharge During Lunch: Schedule charging stops during lunch in restaurants with charging stations to optimize your time.
  • Armed with this information, you can set off on a special journey. Here is the itinerary recommended by Wallbox.

    The itinerary

    The journey begins in Liguria, where new charging points have been installed in recent months. Genoa offers the opportunity to explore the historic center and taste the local delicacies while the car recharges. From the Riviera dei Fiori, cross the French border to visit Nice and Marseille, a fascinating cityi with many charging opportunities for electric cars. In fact, France has over 100,000 charging stations and aims to have 400,000 by 2030.

    The last stop is in Spain (with over twenty thousand charging stations), a Barcelona, which offers a warm welcome, delicious dishes and plenty of charging points. Before returning home, the Ebro Delta offers a natural paradise with rice fields and views of the Mediterranean, perfect for adventure lovers.

    In short: the possibilities of traveling in a sustainable way for the Mediterranean are all there. Just know how to organize. For more information, you can consult the Wallbox website.

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