Judgment: new trailer for the next-gen version and Google Stadia

A new Judgment trailer was released today, thanks to which we can watch all the upgrades for this next-gen version and Google Stadia

Originally released in 2018 in Japan (in 2019 for the rest of the world), Judgment was the first video game of all the saga in the Yakuza to obtain a localization of the text in Italian, as in other languages: this meant, at the time, that the saga had reached global fame, and therefore it was a great step forward. As Yakuza fans will know, a remastered version of this was launched today for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Google Stadia spin-off. Therefore, in conjunction with this release, Sega has published a launch trailer, in which we can see all the upgrades dedicated to this next-gen version of Judgment.

The news visible in the Judgment trailer for next-gen

The game clearly enjoys various improvements over the version originally released for PS4. As pointed out directly by Sega through an official communication:

Judgment takes full advantage of the new hardware, with refined graphics, 60 frames per second and improved loading times; in addition, on these three platforms, it includes all previously released additional downloadable content.

By making a quick comparison between this Judgment next-gen trailer and the original version, we will notice that there have been some changes that change the graphic impact in general. They seem to have mainly changed lighting and color palette, making the final result visually different from the original.

As even Sega herself reiterates, for those who don’t know him, in Judgment you will play the role of Takayuki Yagami, a lawyer who will improvise detective after having the secret behind a series of murders. In addition to an intriguing storyline, you will find all the typical elements of the Yakuza series: violent street fights, side missions with local inhabitants and fun mini-games will therefore be your daily bread.

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